Nightmares Turn To Reality

Winter was a 14 year old girl, she had a ordinary life well it wasn't ordinary she was very lucky. She had a amazing life she had her amazing boyfriend and her friends. She was rich but one day her luck disappears and the worst happens. Most young girls think not being pretty and popular is the worst that could happen to you. But is that true? What if your boyfriend,Best friends, friends and your family are taken away from you? Then you have to face the cruel part of the world by your self. Winter was kidnapped and taken to a place beyond your worst nightmare.


6. Mission

I had my plan ready. Time for a dinner any way. I walked into the masters dinning room for once not the servants. There as a massive table almost as long as the room. I the corner there was a piano, flowers surrounded the room. On the table there was a silky white cloth and hug from the ceiling was a beautiful gold chandler with tiny crystals dangling down. It was all so beautiful. I sat down at a seat slowly. Jace smiled at me with dreamy eyes. He ate all sorts of food but all I wanted was salad and that's what I would always ask for and I would be given it. I ate my salad slowly and Jace stared at me with worried eyes. He spoke up a little in a soft voice

"Winter I don't mean to be rude but wouldn't you like something else instead of salad today? Its only been two weeks while you have been here and you have got so much more skinnier and paler. All you eat is salad and I am beginning to be worried"

I just shook my head and said quietly 

"I am fine with salad Jace nothing to worry about."

I don't actually eat that all day I have one slice of toast in the morning and then the salad when its dinner. If I told Jace he would probably force a load of things in front of me and I wouldn't be able to eat it. I can't eat here it makes me feel sick. I miss my family and friends. But it has also been making side effects like me being sick and dizzy a lot. It makes Emma worried but she never tells anyone. I had finally finished and I gulped down my water. I stood up to quickly, the room began to spin quickly. The dizziness finally stopped I noticed I was no longer stood up but sat down with Jace sat in front of me looking terrified and three maids stood around me checking i was ok and trying to help. Emma barged through the massive doors and ran to me her tiny heels clicked against the floor. She turned to Jace and spoke politely 

"Jace, please help me get Winter to her room. She is very ill but afraid to tell you about it."  

Jace nodded. I was going to kill Emma next time I was alone with her. Jace picked me up and carried me to my room. He left me alone with Emma to get changed into my PJ's. Emma whispered to me 

"I know your fine Winter grab the keys when you can." 

I nodded. I climbed into bed with small black shorts on and a sky blue t-shirt.Emma skipped out of the door into the hall way. Next minute Jace came in with a concerned looking expression on his face. He walked over and sat next to me on the bed. He stroked my hair keeping me calm. I cuddled up to him and pretend to fall asleep right next to the keys. After a few minutes I heard the sounds of heavy breathing and snoring. finally he was asleep I slowly backed away so I could see his jacket. I slowly took his soft black jacket and peeled the corners back. There was a shiny golden key that shone for my victory! I slowly unhooked the key and put it in my hidden pocket in the sky blue t-shirt. I slowly fell asleep into the world or nightmares and dreams.

The next morning I woke up to find a note saying

  Winter I have gone out see you soon I Love You

                                                    Love Jace 

Perfect chance to escape. I ran to emmas room with my back pack on. I shouted at her

"Emma wake up now hurry up!

She rubbed her eyes, grabbed her tiny ruck sack and we ran down the stairs. I found our little, shiny, marvelous key. I shoved it in the key hole and ran out of the door. I was free! Me and Emma ran to the car. I think its times like this when I wish I payed attention when my mum and dad gave me driving lessons in case I needed them but I was too busy texting my friend Lily. I got in the driving seat anyway.I backed the car off the drive at a amazingly fast speed but I bumped into something? Oh no its Jace's car. He sat in the car with a hurt and pained expression while me and Emma looked at him with guilty faces. We both both got out and walked to him while our heads hung in shame.

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