Nightmares Turn To Reality

Winter was a 14 year old girl, she had a ordinary life well it wasn't ordinary she was very lucky. She had a amazing life she had her amazing boyfriend and her friends. She was rich but one day her luck disappears and the worst happens. Most young girls think not being pretty and popular is the worst that could happen to you. But is that true? What if your boyfriend,Best friends, friends and your family are taken away from you? Then you have to face the cruel part of the world by your self. Winter was kidnapped and taken to a place beyond your worst nightmare.


2. Kidnapped

I slowly woke up once again. I slowly opened my eyes, sat up from my painful position on the floor. My head started to spin and i couldn't focus on anything. My head was pounding like a beat to a drum, I clutched my head trying to stop the pain running through my head. My head started to stop spinning but it still hurt a lot. I looked up from the floor a slight pain shot through my head but I still ignored it and i started to look around at where i was. I was in some type of giant box which was obviously the back of a van or a lorry. The walls were bronze and brown from the rust on the wall and scattered around me were boxes and on the far left hand side had a bench on it. I walked over to the bench and on the bench was a bottle that was half full with water that sparkled slightly in the dim light. I downed it straight away to ease the headache. I looked around in the boxes in one of the boxes i found a blanket and some candles and one match, I lit the tiny match up. The flame danced around on the little stick that i held in my hand, the flame made it a bit brighter and the small amount of heat from the bright orange flame made my cold hands feel a bit better. I lit all of the candles and scattered them around the back of the van or lorry and it made things a bit better. I grabbed the dirty sheet and put it over the bench then grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around my body just keeping me warm enough and stopping me from shaking from the cold air coming through the tiny gaps in the van. The dirty sheet wasn't the best because it was dirty and had the odd holes in places but it was better than sleeping on the cold, hard bench. I laid down on the bench clutching the blanket for my warmth, I closed my eyes hoping it was just a dream and to wake up and be in my nice warm bed. I knew it wouldn't happen and this was reality but i still hoped. I kept my eyes closed and i drifted into the world of dreams. 

I woke up when I heard a loud bang and high pitched voice shouted at me 

"Wake up. Now!" 

Then there was another bang and I shot up from a position. I noticed I was no longer in a van I was in a big room. I walked up to the giant window and tried to open it but never mind how much strength I used to try and budge the silky black handle it never moved. After a while i finally gave up and looked around the room. It was old and tatty, It was all black, white or grey. The wall paper was grey with black flowers on top that swirled around me on the walls. It looked very posh but very old and there was a lot of dust on the furniture. There was a small cream lamp and black draws underneath and there was a black couch with a fire place in front of it. The floor was a blackish grey from all the dust covering the floor. There was a loud bang like someone was out side my door, I ran over to the fire place and crouched down and tried to hide. All of a sudden the door opened with a bang. I saw a dark figure walking around the room, I waited and watched in the shadows of the darkness. Then when they got to the other side of the room I ran for it, I had almost reached the door but then the figures hands grabbed my wrists. I turned to see this person was a young man that looked a year or two older than me. He had black hair that slightly covered his right eye and looked spiky, his eyes were a  haunting grey and his lips were pale but his skin looked quite tanned. Surprisingly I found this very attractive but i can not give into my emotions I have to get out of this place and this mysterious man could be my kidnapper the person who stole me from my life and brought me to this dump. He just looked into my eyes and then he told me in a stern voice

"You are going to get ready come downstairs and join the other girls eat there meals and then you will join them to do there choirs and you will come see me at the end of the day."

He was about to exit through the big, dark and heavy door. I stared at me i could feel his cold eyes run down my body and back up. The cold stare was burning through my skin so I turned away but I could still feel it so i grabbed a some dusty, tatty clothes from the draw and headed off to what seemed to be a bathroom though the door next to my bed. I tried to sort my clothes out a bit but it only helped bring the dust of a tiny bit. I looked in the mirror i couldn't believe what i saw in my reflection dark bags were forming round my eyes, my lips looked tiny and pale my hair looked wavy.  The clothes clung to my body showing of my figure. That bit was good but they wasn't the type of clothes I would be caught out in public in. I looked around the bathroom and found some bobbles hair ,grips, make up and make up wipes. I splashed my face with some cold water and cleaned my self up with some make up. I gripped my fringe back with some grips and i looked a bit more decent. I walked out of the safety of the bathroom and down the stairs. Paintings were hung up on the walls. The people in painting stared and me with there cold glares. Sat poshly while there paintings were being done. I walked down the stairs to see a bunch of girls eating in silence at a table, looking up quickly in fear then back down at there food. I walked up to the brown polished chair, sat down slowly but then I heard a big thud behind me and then a loud, angry yell. 

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