Nightmares Turn To Reality

Winter was a 14 year old girl, she had a ordinary life well it wasn't ordinary she was very lucky. She had a amazing life she had her amazing boyfriend and her friends. She was rich but one day her luck disappears and the worst happens. Most young girls think not being pretty and popular is the worst that could happen to you. But is that true? What if your boyfriend,Best friends, friends and your family are taken away from you? Then you have to face the cruel part of the world by your self. Winter was kidnapped and taken to a place beyond your worst nightmare.


1. Winter

I  stood there looking in the mirror just making sure i looked ok. I had long light brownish,blondish hair. My hair was in little springy curls that people at school loved. I smiled with my pearly white teeth. I had pale skin with a lot of make up on. I was doing my make up getting ready to go out with my friends and boyfriend. I had my ocean blue eyes  highlighted with mascara, eyeliner and bronze eye shadow. My cheeks looked slightly pink/red from the blusher and my lips were big, shiny and a dark red from my lip gloss and lipstick. I had my favorite top that was long, baggy and with big selves and across it, it said LOVE. I had my black skinny jeans on and my all star converse. I grabbed my blackberry that was buzzing like mad, i saw one important message from my best friend in the world Amber. The text said with it little writing 

Heeeey babes you ok? I heard what happened between you and Jace. He is awful he should be your best friend but no he goes and hangs out with his guys and gals and leaves you well you know what he will regret it because in the end he will have no friend and he will come back to us and i will slap him.

I made a little giggle. Amber was one of my best friends she was beautiful along with my other best friend s who are Emily, Zoe,Haley and Allison. They was the popular's and they were all beautiful but lucky for Amber shes the same as them but smarter. I was apart of them and I loved and cared for everyone I could.Well i was finished looking in the mirror and i ran down the spiral wooden stairs into my hall way and shouted down the hall

"Mum,Dad I am going to Amber's house I will be back for 6:00PM bye"

I just heard someone mutter ok so I walked out the door into the fresh air. I walked up the drive past my mums white car and my dads silver car onto the street. I saw the sun shine brightly in the clear, perfect, blue sky. I walked along the empty street looking up at the tall trees that towered over me with there green leafs waving in the slight breeze.But i felt like there was something wrong. I don't know what it was but it felt like I was being watched. It was like the mysterious creatures eyes were burning into my back, there eyes were glued on me and i couldn't shake them off. I turned around, the wind moved my hair slightly onto my left shoulder. My eyes searched for the cold, mysterious creature but nothing was there. Not even a cat or a bird that normally sit there and stare at me with there cold glares. I turned back around slowly and carried on walking down the long, deserted hill. But never mind how much faster I walked i couldn't shake the feeling of my followers eyes. All of a sudden i realized I was down the road from Amber's but then all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my head and I blacked out with out knowing what was happening or being able to come out of the frightening dark. I knew I was in trouble and I might not be able to get out of this so quickly.

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