The boy in the snow

Poem inspired by Van Gogh's painting 'A Pair Of Boots'. Enjoy :) (the rythm is a little tricky to pick up at first but you should get it later on) x


1. The Boy In The Snow

Every day,

I go out to town,

And see a small boy,

In the snow,


His only possession,

A pair of boots, so brown,

But trudging along,

He'll go,


Sometimes I see him,

Down the alleyway,

Curling up with his boots,

So proud,


He sits by a dustbin,

Every other day,

With his boots on his feet,

And his head in a cloud,


Once a week,

I see him in socks,

clutching his boots,

so tight,


He seems so happy,

Kicking snow and rocks,

He wouldn't leave his boots,

Out of fright,


They're old-fashioned, ripped,

And they're worn,

They're tattered, brown,

And soggy,


They're made of old leather,

And in places torn,

but they help him,

when it's boggy,


His boots are his treasure,

His boots are his friend,

He would never,

Let them go,


They make him happy,

though they need a mend,

but he lies with them,

in the snow.


Yesterday, again,

I saw him,

But he was crying,

in the street,


He had his head in his hands,

and sat by a dustbin,

With nothing but socks,

on his feet.

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