Gothic poem about a werewolf :) hope you enjoy x


1. Werewolf

Again, just like last time, you know you've been here before,

Out with your friends, in the night, playing on the moors,

The dull sky falls around you and the moon rises over the hill,

It grins malevolently at the scene, as if it's about to kill...

Playing and laughing obliviously, the others don't know what to come,

Your feet tremble, your eyes water and you chew on the end of your thumb,

A creatures stirs between the trees and your heart starts to pound,

You seal your mouth and freeze to the spot, trying not to make a sound,

It's deceiving eyes are as dark as ebony, as it peers through the trees,

It snarls as they start to notice, it's face hiding in the leaves,

"Run!" they cry, "run for your life!" but you know it's too late...

The monster leaps out and drags one of them down, it's cold eyes filled with hate.

You can't bare to look and shut your eyes tight, but you can still hear the screams,

You pinch your arm over and over, hoping it's a dream...

As your cheeks flood with tears, you slowly open your eyes,

A pool of blood and in the middle you see a body lies,

The giant beast crouches over as the corpse lies beneath,

It's hideous face growls at you, presenting the red in it's teeth,

Every bone quaking in fear, you slowly back away,

Running home in sheer terror, knowing you're it's prey,

It's footesteps thud behind you and it claws at the back of your shoe,

It pins you to the ground, and stuck in it's grip, you know it's to late for you...

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