Requiem is an epic taking place hundreds of lightyears away on a series of planets so similar and yet so different from our own. A war is brewing, a war between the planets Verigo and Onyxia. At the heart of the conflict, Daw'ka, a young seventeen year old boy living on Verigo finds himself torn by those he trusts, his life has been manipulated, warped and bent for reasons that he doesn't understand. Follow his life over months and years, as he travels hundreds of thousands of miles, as his very life becomes blighted by heartache, suicide, murder, love and betrayal. We also follow Helena, a young girl from a well off family living on Onyxia, she doesn't believe in the war, she wants only to meet new people on the 'enemy' planet, but as her life also becomes ripped apart her once noble thoughts become tainted by fear.

For the full story download it for for free from Kobo and Txtr book store, out Friday 24th May.


8. The Storm

Rilley was a couple of streets away from his apartment, his mind still on the red head he had seen earlier. The streets were becoming dark, the low hanging ominous clouds grew and grew, a storm was setting in. The rain came down more steadily with each step, the wind howled from all corners of the street, bringing with it the deluge. Rilley had no hood to shield himself from the torrent of water, by the time he reached his street he had given up on trying to evade the worst of the weather. That's when he saw it.

Faced down in the street, surrounded by shards of shattered glass, and blood mixed with the torrential rivers flowing into the sewer grates, he saw the body of a women. 

The place was deserted, no one was around to call out to for help. He ran towards the body, not thinking. A flash of lightning illuminated the streets brighter than any of the time warn dreery lampposts, stopping him in his tracks. He recognized the clothing, he recognized the hair, he noticed the same boards that once blocked out the light from the lounge windows. He saw his mother. Dead.

Thunder rippled through his body as he looked on a few yards away, eyes fixed on the corpse before him, his mouth the driest thing in all of Horndew. Words were hard to come by, thoughts were racing through his mind. He hadn't even noticed the sirens coming up behind him, or the long casting shadows that grew from his feet as a police car hummed into view. It wasn't until an officer escorted him into his apartment and sat him down, a towel draped over his shoulders, that he spoke.

"What happens now?" Rilley finally said glancing at the shattered lounge windows, the noise of the rain outside tormenting him.

A young stern faced police officer sat on the edge of the coffee table, as more vehicles surrounded the building, he looked into Rilley's emotionless eyes.

"Procedure, that's all," he said looking around the room, empty spirit bottles dotting the hard metallic floor, the couch heavily warn in. "Did she ever try something like this before?"

"What happens to me?" Rilley replied.

The officer sighed, "do you have any other relatives? Father? Grandparents?"

"No," Rilley said, "it was just us. My father left years ago, I never knew my grandparents."

"Well then I think you know what happens," the officer said standing up.

Rilley nodded, he knew what this meant, everyone knew what it meant. Orphans don't have rights to own their own property, even that which is provided by the Imperials. Orphans aren't a priority in the war against Onyxia, cuts had to be made to continue the war effort, and weakest of the population were expendable, disposable. 

Rilley was, by his own mother's doing, made homeless, and lost any rights that he had as a citizen. School wasn't permitted, handling of money wasn't permitted, housing wasn't permitted. He was told to grab his things and leave the apartment; his mother was still being slid aboard one of the medical vehicles by the time he had left the entrance of his old home. A black bag of his clothes in one hand and a fist of anger in his other; anger at the system, at himself and also at his mother.

The storm had not let up, the droplets of icy rain making his face feel as numb as how he felt inside. No one looked at Rilley; the streets were now filled with medical staff, police personnel and onlookers, all examining the spectacle that was unfolding on their doorstep, but no ones thoughts fell upon the young man who's life had been ruined, tainted. 

Bag in hand Rilley took off, he didn't know which direction he was going, or to what destination he would reach. He just followed his feet, his heart full of anger, and the rain masking his tears.
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