Requiem is an epic taking place hundreds of lightyears away on a series of planets so similar and yet so different from our own. A war is brewing, a war between the planets Verigo and Onyxia. At the heart of the conflict, Daw'ka, a young seventeen year old boy living on Verigo finds himself torn by those he trusts, his life has been manipulated, warped and bent for reasons that he doesn't understand. Follow his life over months and years, as he travels hundreds of thousands of miles, as his very life becomes blighted by heartache, suicide, murder, love and betrayal. We also follow Helena, a young girl from a well off family living on Onyxia, she doesn't believe in the war, she wants only to meet new people on the 'enemy' planet, but as her life also becomes ripped apart her once noble thoughts become tainted by fear.

For the full story download it for for free from Kobo and Txtr book store, out Friday 24th May.


2. Life on Verigo

'Get up Rilley, get up,' an inner voice rang out inside of Rilley's head, as his limbs failed to react to the morning sun blazing through the bare cracked window of his empty bedroom. Not since he was young had he spent a whole day within the dank and muggy interior of his apartment block; one reason was because of the obvious horrible nature of his place of birth, the other reason being that his mother, since his father's leaving some eight years prior, had grown steadily more abusive and dependent on alcohol.


At the age of twelve Rilley began getting up early, usually at the first red light of dawn, and leave the confines of the apartment block to seek out friends in the surrounding area and in Horndew Dene, his usual hideaway spot. School he found became a good way of passing his days. He enjoyed his studies, art and history being his two personal favorites. However it being a Sunday, he had to find another way of escaping his normal life, Horndew Dene slowly became his home away from home. At the age of seventeen Rilley had acquired a small group of close friends, not what he would call loyal, but certainly better than staying at home under the constant fear of angering his mother.


'Get up and get out!' His thoughts once again shouting at him, this time succeeding in forcing his body out from under the warmth of his cream bed sheets, and onto the brown rug covering the harsh dark blue steel floor bellow. Rilley stood rubbing his eyes and scratching his head, trying to get the morning lethargic haze to clear,  reaching into his tall steel wardrobe he grabbed the first set of clean clothes he could reach; dark grey skinny jeans and a thick, moth eaten light grey woolen long sleeve t-shirt.


It was only half seven in the morning, but Rilley was dressed and ready, he tip-toed out from his room, carrying his shoes; a pair of thick black boots. He was careful not to make any noise as his mother lay slumped across the lounge sofa, a spilled bottle of clear spirits lay strewn across the steel floor, a small dark green rug soaked up much of the alcohol. Rilley knew she was there, the windows may have been boarded up to keep out the light, but he could hear her snores and splutters in the darkness. It wasn't until he had closed the apartment door behind him and he stood in the brightly lit hallway, that he put on his boots.


The apartment block was filled with countless other tenants, social housing provided by the government to aid the needy during rough times, one of the few times the government actively assisted it's people. It wasn't a great place to grow up, dangerously exposed wiring and flickering lights were telltale signs of the problems that ran deep within the system. These failing are not only skin deep, drug and alcohol abuse also runs rife, as well as petty crime and violence, a gang culture slowly spreading throughout the Horndew district of the Imperial City. Rilley tried his best to avoid these temptations, he'd seen the trouble it causes and vowed never to fall into their shadow.


Rilley descended the metallic grated steps down the countless floors of his apartment block, a route he knew all to well, and reached the main lobby. It was empty as usual, thankfully so, and Rilley stepped through a pair of glass double doors and onto the cool streets of Horndew district, the overhead clouds still glowing red from the rising sun. He breathed in deeply, happy to be out into the relatively clean air compared to that of his apartment, and made his way to one of his favourite hangout spots, Horndew Dene. 

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