Requiem is an epic taking place hundreds of lightyears away on a series of planets so similar and yet so different from our own. A war is brewing, a war between the planets Verigo and Onyxia. At the heart of the conflict, Daw'ka, a young seventeen year old boy living on Verigo finds himself torn by those he trusts, his life has been manipulated, warped and bent for reasons that he doesn't understand. Follow his life over months and years, as he travels hundreds of thousands of miles, as his very life becomes blighted by heartache, suicide, murder, love and betrayal. We also follow Helena, a young girl from a well off family living on Onyxia, she doesn't believe in the war, she wants only to meet new people on the 'enemy' planet, but as her life also becomes ripped apart her once noble thoughts become tainted by fear.

For the full story download it for for free from Kobo and Txtr book store, out Friday 24th May.


3. Horndew Dene Pt.1

Horndew district is a dangerous place to live; it is one of five walled up areas that make up the star shape of the Imperial City, the capital stronghold of the planet Verigo. The planet itself is sparsely populated, the majority of the land is draped in thick jungles or wet marshland. All major settlements are no further away than fifty kilometers from the Imperial City; those that live out in the wilderness do so knowing that the Imperials offer them no support in their lifestyle. They choose a primitive life, one that the majority of people do not wish to follow, and once they leave the protective walls of the Imperial City, they become 'Ghosts', exiled from the great city forever. 

Rilley took to the streets and made his way slowly eastwards, passing block after block of high rise buildings. Once they stood tall and proud, white and gleaming, or so it said so in the books written at the time. As Rilley hurried past these relics of construction he noticed just how grey and dilapidated they really were, made of glass and steel and utterly featureless, they became the bread and butter of the landscape of Horndew district. The east however held a much more enticing view; down the long road with the ugly grey buildings either side, a shield of green trees rose higher and higher. The sun was still rising behind the tress, showering the area in a deep orange glow.

Rilley's eyes adjusted quickly and made out  two recognizable figures, one of Martan LaFure, a tall and fair haired and fair skinned sportsman, keen in athletics and metalwork. The other of Avril Moore, a much more thoughtful girl, interesting in art and music, her dyed red and purple hair making sure everyone was aware of her uniqueness. These were two of Rilley's closest friends, the only two people he actually trusted. They stood against the metal arch gateway of Horndew Dene waiting for Rilley's arrival.

"Don't you two ever sleep?" Rilley said, relieved to have found a few friendly faces so quickly.

Avril rushed up and wrapped her arms around him, her head only reaching his chest. "Rilley! We knew you'd be here this early."

"Yeah mate, you're so predictable." Martan chipped in, grabbing Rilley's hand, pulled him out from Avril's grasp  and patted him hard on his back.

"Come on Rilley," Avril said, grabbing back Rilley's hand. "We made a rope swing over the river last night after you left."

"It's boss." Martan added, picking up a woolen satchel from off the floor and threw it over his shoulder, clanging as it did.

"What's in the bag Martan?" Rilley asked as he was being dragged into the dene by the excited girl.

"Oh, my elder brother managed to get a couple bottles of dry cider," he said with a smile. "The final batch before winter, thought we should celebrate our final year of school."

"There's still three months of school left, but any reason to party." Rilley replied smiling back, giving Martan a high five with his spare hand. 

"What would you do without us?" Avril said turning around and sending a wink Rilley's way, before, once again, dragging him down the bank towards the river that cut through the centre of the dene, splitting perfectly in half the well off area of Horndew, from the rest.
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