Requiem is an epic taking place hundreds of lightyears away on a series of planets so similar and yet so different from our own. A war is brewing, a war between the planets Verigo and Onyxia. At the heart of the conflict, Daw'ka, a young seventeen year old boy living on Verigo finds himself torn by those he trusts, his life has been manipulated, warped and bent for reasons that he doesn't understand. Follow his life over months and years, as he travels hundreds of thousands of miles, as his very life becomes blighted by heartache, suicide, murder, love and betrayal. We also follow Helena, a young girl from a well off family living on Onyxia, she doesn't believe in the war, she wants only to meet new people on the 'enemy' planet, but as her life also becomes ripped apart her once noble thoughts become tainted by fear.

For the full story download it for for free from Kobo and Txtr book store, out Friday 24th May.


6. Brief History at Breakfast

"Dad," Helena said the following morning over the wooden breakfast table, "why do we hate the Verigonians so much?"


Her father had been reading the paper, after hearing those words he scrunch it hard, unsure of how to react, he would had preferred to be having the 'birds and the bees' talk all over again.


"Well Helena," he began, lowering his paper, his spectacles shining in the morning sun. "They are an angry people, you've seen the news." He then returned to his newspaper, praying that he had curbed her questions.


"But why are they angry with us?" She persisted, "did we do something wrong?"


"No we didn't do anything wrong dearest."


"But then why?" Her large eyes didn't leave her fathers, this wouldn't be a conversation to blow over so easily.


"Okay, I have time to explain it before work, I'll make it brief," he said, throwing his paper onto the wooden kitchen counter behind him. "There was once a third planet, a long long time ago, called Astril. It was ruled by an arrogant but brilliant man. He used this planet to gain immortality, but if he was to ever die by unnatural means-"


"You mean murdered?!" Helena said shocked.


"Yes, if he was ever murdered the planet would die," the father continued. "He had two sons, Maxwell and Donahue. Now on their fathers one thousandth birthday, when the great emperor stood before his planet in jubilation someone shot him, and killed him. One son blamed the other, and each of them took as many of their people as they could to the nearby planets, Verigo and Onyxia."


"So the planets still blame each other to this day, is that right Dad?" Helena asked.


"Exactly," he replied with a smile, rubbing his daughters blonde hair roughly.


"Well that's just silly, it happened so long ago, the two sons aren't even alive anymore." Helena said, less than impressed with the explanation and returned to her breakfast.


"Well, that's not quite a hundred percent sure," her father said with a wink.


"You mean the sons are still alive?" Helena said, growing more excited again.


"Well Donahue went to Verigo, Maxwell came here to Onyxia. Who's to say that they didn't follow in their father's footsteps for immortality?" He said with an even broader smile, he then leant in and kissed Helena on her forehead, "see you later kiddo."


Helena was left sitting in silence at the breakfast table, a cooling breeze came in through the open wooden framed kitchen windows, the green shrubbery swayed in the refreshing wind. Sweet smells of the kaleidoscopic flowers that draped over her garden wafted in on the breeze, equally colourful birds outside sat perched on an orange tree that dominated her lawn, they sang their morning song which resonated off the terra-cotta tiles that covered the kitchen floor. Helena was so caught up in her daydreams of immortal princes and galactic battles, that she totally lost all track of time, and before she knew it her class was starting in five minutes, and she was still in her pajamas.




Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of miles away, Rilley was sitting behind his school desk, his hands rested in his messy shoulder length black hair, waiting for his class to begin, History.

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