My Island

When Papa left me a small island in the middle of the ocean, I thought he was mad. He was...

A series of Diary entry's from a teenage girl, living alone on her own island


2. June 28th

Dear Diary,

Still no sign of Papa. Over a month has past and still he has not come back. I have taken to shelter in the lighthouse where I have found a supply of grains which I have been living off, though the vast number of seaguls around make for a nice meal every now and again. I have made a bow and arrow out of wood and reed which I use to hunt with. I really do feel a bit like Katniss Everdeen from time to time when I have a sucessful hunt. 

I've now worn all the clothes I brough with me more than four times each and my Hollister hoody looks like it was dragged through a thorn bush backwards!

Must go out and find some more food now,

Leila xxx

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