The cupboard on the Fourth Floor

Who said cleaning was boring? It certainly isn't at this high school...


4. The money


It was my history teacher’s idea to turn up for the nearest Antiques Roadshow, which was being held at our local village hall, just to find out some of the history behind my vase. But by far the best bit was when I found out how much it could be sold for.

Everyone was huddled round the TV in the common room, even though most of us would rather have treble homework, than be made watch Antiques Roadshow, just because I, their fellow pupil, was on it. In had kept the value of my vase a secret, so everyone would be surprised at the value.

“How much do you recon it would sell for?”

“I don’t know fifty quid?”


“One hundred pounds? I don’t know, tell me.”

“Two million pounds.”

“You WHAT?”

Suddenly the room was full of chatter

“… Two million...”

“..Imagine how many bracelets you could buy...”

“… Will she split the money…?”

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