The cupboard on the Fourth Floor

Who said cleaning was boring? It certainly isn't at this high school...


6. The Great Freeze

This would happen every few weeks or so and every time I moved the vase it would always seem that the newspaper new where it was, like it was being tracked, followed by a mysterious source.

A few weeks later, I had a ‘buy the paper, get one free’ coupon, sop I bough one and offered the free copy to Mel, who rejected it with a curt, “I already have one, thanks.” This may sound very normal but the bizarre thing was that the paper was only released that day. “How come?” I asked Mel

“Mammy got me one” this was the first time I had ever heard her talk about her mum, “My Mammy gets all he news before anyone else! I’ve been telling Mammy all about the…”

“ You what?”

“Nothing, none of your business anyway”

“If it’s about the vase it is.”

“I never said it was.”

Then the Great Freeze started. Effectively, what happened was that all of Mel’s little group of friends stopped talking to my little group of friend, and occasionally vice versa.

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