The cupboard on the Fourth Floor

Who said cleaning was boring? It certainly isn't at this high school...


2. In the cupboard


I never could have dreamed what happened next, even if I had a lavender bag under my pillow. The cupboard was huge, easily big enough for at least three of us to stand in no problems, so we divided it in to five sections, I had the top shelf.

After a good hour or so of just cleaning out cobwebs, I felt something cold. Ghost was the first word to pop in to my head, but I knew I was being silly, so I reached in and pulled out…

A very dusty object of some sort or other. Wow. Not. Just out of pure curiosity, I gave it a rub with my jumper. It revealed a black squiggly thing, so I kept rubbing and uncovered what looked like a blue spiny tail. Now intrigued by this thing, I persistently rubbed till I had uncovered about half, and found an incredibly interesting and intricate image of a dragon. Now I was really puzzled, so I took it to Miss Foley, who nearly fainted in shock, and said, “Jenny, do you realise what this is?” Truthfully, I said no. “It’s a vase from the Ming Dynasty!”

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