The cupboard on the Fourth Floor

Who said cleaning was boring? It certainly isn't at this high school...


1. And we begin...


The new term started as they always did, everybody turned up the moment the doors opened, most of whom considerably more tanned than before the holidays, and we all ran towards friends we hadn’t seen for ages as we all lived from all over the place.

As usual, I was in dormitory fifteen, along with seven other girls and an empty bed. We had no idea why, as our school was one of the most popular schools in our category for the entire south of England.  It only took a matter of minutes before the room looked like we had been there ages, personalized duvet covers on the beds, and numerous books littered around the room, ‘A history of the United Kingdom’ and ‘Life in World War Two’, to name a few.

Miss Foley, our tutor, came in to make sure we were all OK before reminding us of the fact that we had our new term chores to do. Despite the fact our school had cleaners; it had a long tradition of giving each pupil a job to do on the first day. No-one could quite remember why, but we still did it. This year, I and a group of others had to clean and sort out the cupboard on the fourth floor; we were all excited as it was normally kept locked.

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