The cupboard on the Fourth Floor

Who said cleaning was boring? It certainly isn't at this high school...


5. Afterwards

From that moment onwards, everything changed, no longer was the outside of our school deserted, for every day it was heaving with journalists, each one just waiting for the smallest slip of the tongue and the next day there would be a four page news story about it. Because of this the school stepped up the security measures, Marjory. No longer were we allowed out for walks of a weekend, or talk to anyone about the vase outside school, this was the fatal mistake, for no-one ever said we couldn’t talk about it in school’

About a week later a new girl arrived, Melissa Sepp, a tall girl, but not particularly elegant, with rather striking red hair and blue eyes; she was rather cleaver, but very secretive, and nobody really knew that much about her. I personally thought she was a bit strange, she kept coming up to me and asking about the vase, where it was and what it looked like, before scribbling it down in a small book.

Things really started to get peculiar when  Mel stared disapering for about half an hour each week, down the path in towards the tennis court, she would then come back looking rather smug, and wouldn’t look at me in the eye when I talked to her.

About three weeks after Mel arrived I saw a story in the newspaper titled ‘PRICELESS VASE LOCATED IN SCHOOL’ it then went on to say, “according to an anonomous source, the vase has an image of a blue dragon upon it and is about thirty centimeters in height. It is located at local boarding school, Meresmidge High and is in one of the cupboards in the head teachers office.” Great.

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