Adus and his brother Transo have a magic that now one else has. The dark lord has learned of this power and now wants them so he can take it for his own. The dark lord is now sending out his dark forces to look for the brothers. The brothers now have to go to someone they can trust. The dark lord usd to be good until he was bitten by a spider and turned horrible. He controls all the land yet no one knows his name.


2. The Door

It has been two days since Adus and Transo left Castof village. It is still 5 days to get to their uncles. Adus And Transo are now traveling through a dark, damp forest. They have sent thier dirs of to look ahead."So, you do now where we are now" said Transo softly. "Yes, we are in the forest next to the mouzle moutains" said Adus.

They walked deeper into the forest when their dirs came out of now where and greeted them roughly. Adus helped Transo onto his dir then Adus got on his.

Adus and Transo are riding through an opening in the forest when they heared something."Whats that nosie" wispered Transo. "Ouickley get down" said Adus throwing Transo onto the floor."What are they" said Transo quietly. "They are Flekours, if you are spotted by one they will never stop hunting you" said Adus with a nasty look on his face. The Flekours moved away.

Transo and Adus carried on through the forest with their wits about them. They spotted a river and went over to it. The river was calm, quiet and peacful."This is the river of Efendal" said Adus. They sat down for a rest and ate some food."I miss home" said Transo sadly."Me to, but we have to get to uncle"said Adus.

Adus and Transo packed up and set of  on their dirs through the forest." Is that a, yes it is a Mitybee hive". said Adus happily. "Transo climb that tree put your hand in the hive and pull out the honey for us to eat for the jurney". said Adus."But, but won't they sting me". shivered Transo."Not if your lucky".laughed Adus looking and the angry face of Transo."Oh, okay". sighed Transo. Transo looked at the tree and then started to climb. He sliped a couple of times but he finaly reached the hive."Put your hand in". shouted Adus. Transo slowly edged his and in until, a mitybee bit him and he fel out of the tree luckly landing in Adus's arms. Not so lucky thing is that Transo brought the hive with him."Quickly kill them Adus before they kill us!". shouted Transo. Adus raised his wand and shouted "Incendio!". as the word s came out of his mouth the mitybees burned up and fell to the floor."Quickley get the honey and lets go" said Adus. Transo grabbed three handfuls and put them in his green woven bag. They both got on their dirs and strode away.

After three hours of riding  still through the forest they came to a dead end and a wierd door. The door had strange markings on it. It was some sort of writing (Elven)."Can you read it". asked Transo."No".said Adus. Adus noticed a handle on th door and aproched it.

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