Adus and his brother Transo have a magic that now one else has. The dark lord has learned of this power and now wants them so he can take it for his own. The dark lord is now sending out his dark forces to look for the brothers. The brothers now have to go to someone they can trust. The dark lord usd to be good until he was bitten by a spider and turned horrible. He controls all the land yet no one knows his name.


1. Discovered

In 1569 the village of Castof is a peaceful place with peaceful people. There are schools and shops. Adus and his brother Transo live there with their mother in a small brown and dusty hut.

The both of them, like their mother are gifted with the not so rare gift of magic. To cast spells you must have a wand. A wand apperas to you when you are ready for the responsibility of it. Adus's wand has a beige stem with a dark brown handle. Sperating the stem from the handle is a tigers head. Transo's wand is like 4 stems curled up into one. It also has a lump on the end and symbols on the tip. His wand is black and brown.

It is a cold misty moring and the sun is still yet to shine. Adus and transo are now celebrating Transo's 11th birthday with their mother."Look what i've got you"said their mother excitedly."What, What!"said Transo bubbly. She had got him a new pair of shoes. As you can see their fammiliy were quite poor.

"Who's that screaming". said their mother looking very worried. Adus was now 16 so he was more or less man of the house. He brushed away the torn flaps to the old hut and saw, blazing fires and people being killed by men in dark cloakes. All of a sudden their mother grabbed Adus forcefully and threw him inside."I never thought they find us"she mummbeld under her breath."Open the Dragon chest". she shouted. "But i thought we are not alou". "Just open it!" she interupted. Adus and Transo opened the dragon chest and pulled out two sparkling invisibility cloaks. They were stunned at what they found."Quikly put them on and get your dirs and ride to the north to your uncle Jernome  in Melibous"."But i dont want to go, why" said Transo with a tear in his eye." You have to its because of your power its rare, really rare and he wants it for his own, now you must go". As the words came out of her mouth a cloaked man burst in through the flaps and tried to kill Transo, but their mother fired a spell wich hit the cloaked man in the stomache and blasted him out of the flaps."Quickly now, go!" shouted their mother with a hint of sorrow in her voice. Adus and Transo put on their invisibility cloaks and ran to their dirs in the yard and ran up to the hill looking over the village wilst shooting spells at the men. They reached the hill and looked back on the village, it was mostly flames now and the men were now retreating. "Do you think we will ever be able to go back said" Transo sadly."I wouldn't count on it".

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