a magical undersea kingdom


1. the capture

once upon a time in a magical undersea kingdom there lived a mermaid called pearl.her father was the king of the ocean and her mother the queen. one day pearl went up to the top of the ocean to brush her long flowing hair when a fisherman appeared and asked her if she was real pearl then said yes of course i am real then the man asked where she lived now pearl was smart and didnt give away were she lived she told the man she lived in the middle of the woods in a little cottage. when the fisherman went out of her sight she jumped straight back into the water but the fisherman saw this and went straight to the M.C.B. quarters M.C.B stands for mythical creature believeth the fisherman told them all about the vist of pearl when they were done the leader hired top divers to go to the bottom of the ocean and capture one of the mermaids. when they reached the bottom they grabbed the closest mermaid which was pearl. they took her back and put her in a big tank. 

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