the bloody hangman

it is brill please read on and leave coments


1. the noise

I was in my bed when I heard screams coming from outside the far window .I went over and looked out and  seen a man who I knew his name was Johnson, he lived a few doors down, he was running down the alley way which had a dead end i saw he was running away from something then I saw it was the BLOODY HANGMAN.  I didn’t know he was real I thought he was just a myth. He had his rope which was covered in the last victims blood and I could see his bony feet and his only friends the rats in the gutter were coming with him to trap Johnson no one knew where he lived but some people say he lives in hell during day and earth during night. When Johnson knew he had nowhere else to go he stood there froze really scared when the bloody hangman approached him I looked away when I turned back Johnson was still there but not alive there was blood all up the wall   and then the bloody hangman looked up and saw me his red eyes looked into mine and when that happened I shut the curtain real quick and climbed back into bed but couldn’t get back to sleep.

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