Why me?

This is an emotional story. I was hard for me to think of how to approach it in a delicate way as its a sensitive subject but Lilly is a 12 year old girl who lives with her dad In Manchester. Her mum died when she was young and since then her dad is a alcoholic and a child abuser. Read Lily's story...


2. My only friend

You might wonder how am I still alive. My Dad spends all of his money on drink and cigarettes. I have a paper round. My mate Ben gave me it, his Dad owns the shop. Ben knows what my Dad is like but I made swore not to tell a soul. Me and Ben have been mates for as long as I can remember. We share everything I have nothing to share with him but if I did I would give it all to him. We are best friends and always will be. He is my only friend. I can remember the very first day we met. I was nine and he was ten it was autum and the leaves where brown and crisp the air was sharp and still. I sat at my usual bench at break time, on my own. It was Ben's first day and he was sat on the bench opposite me looking all glum. I did what any normal person would do. Went up to him and said hi. And that is how it all happened.
We meet at the park everyday on our way to school so we can walk together. I have never had a fight with Ben apart from the one time I accidentally spilt candle wax over his history essay. He wasn't happy.
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