I'll never forget

Charlotte thought her life was over when she moved to America, however there is a deeper meaning to why her family did.
Charlotte begins her life as a high school student and meets a group of friends, becomes strangely attracted to this guy which her friends tell her to stay away from...except she can't.
Who is this mysterious boy that she is attracted to and will their ending be good?
Only one way to find out <3


1. Prologue


England 1842


“You can’t catch me! “ Cassia laughed back at Kaleb running through the forest.


“I bet I can!” Kaleb grabbed cassia by her waist and pulled her to the ground giggling. “Got you”, she tried to squirm out from under him but he had got stronger over the summer, so there was no way of her escaping this one. She stared into his deep dark brown eyes and saw he was in a lively mood. You lost the bet now you must pay up; he thought to her while giving a devious grin.

“Why must you speak through my mind? You know that annoys me so.” Her facial expression changed to an annoyed look while her eyes showed sadness. He stared back her and said, “Because you never know who is listening in. Remember it’s safer to speak through mind.”

“But people can still listen in through…you know… the ‘mind’ way. How is that safer than speaking out loud?” Cassia questioned.

“Because, there isn’t as many people listening in. Only a few in the world can do what we do Cassia. You know that.” Kaleb looked up and stared out towards the trees, letting out a sigh, then turning back to face her. His face had relaxed slightly but his eyes told a different story.

“Is something wrong?” Cassia asked him, but he just shook his head and pulled her closer towards him and spoke softly into her ear,

“No…I just forgot how beautiful you look in the evening sun”. She smiled at him sweetly and he tucked a stray brown curl behind her ear. She had piercing blue eyes that looked like ice in the winter. If only he could tell her what was going to happen. “Cassiandra” she stared up at him waiting to hear what he had to say. “There is something I have been meaning to tell y-“Kaleb was interrupted before he had time to finish his sentence when Cassia’s father came out and started calling out her name.

“Oh my, I completely forgot, I had to be back before sunset. I’m sorry I must go” She immediately got up and started to head towards the castle, only to be pulled back by Kaleb and be kissed on the cheek. It wasn’t a romantic kiss that Cassia had dreamt about, but a kiss that in tensed the feelings she felt for him.

“Not before saying goodbye to me first.” They both smiled at each other, as if they were the last people on Earth.

“CASSIANDRA,” Cassia’s father yelled her name. Anxious, Cassia turned back to head towards the castle only to be followed by Kaleb.

“No, you must not be seen. He will kill you if he knew that I was with a boy. You must go…now!” But Kaleb stood his ground.

“CASSIANDRA,” Cassia’s dad shouted again, he was getting closer by the second.

“I’LL BE THERE IN A MOMENT!” she shouted back, “seriously Kaleb stay here, if my father catches you with me, he will kill you...and then me. You know he expects me to marry that bimbo of a Lord within the next seven days.” Cassia let out a sigh and reached towards Kaleb’s face, placing both palms down and gently pulling him closer so that his eyes were at the same level as hers. “We shouldn’t even be with each other right now”

Kaleb took hold of her hands and said, “But, Cassia, you don’t understand what it means for me to be with you. I would do anything for you, you know this…” he cut himself off and sighed at the thought of what he was just about to say. “Cassia, I would even let you marry the Lord, to let you go and make your father happy.”

“CASSIANDRA,” The tension of staring into one another’s eyes broke as they were both disturbed by Cassia’s father. “Where are you? Your mother wants you this instance. CASSIANDRA,”

“Kaleb I must go, please, I couldn’t bare it if I was the one who got you killed” Cassia whimpered as her eyes began to well with tears.

 Kaleb stared at Cassia one last time before letting go and speaking to her mind, meet me here tonight. I really need to tell you something before it’s too late.

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