I'll never forget

Charlotte thought her life was over when she moved to America, however there is a deeper meaning to why her family did.
Charlotte begins her life as a high school student and meets a group of friends, becomes strangely attracted to this guy which her friends tell her to stay away from...except she can't.
Who is this mysterious boy that she is attracted to and will their ending be good?
Only one way to find out <3


2. Chapter one

Present Day


“Happy birthday!”

My older sister, Rachel, sang cheerily while pulling back my curtains. Drowsily, I began to open my eyes to see what the time was on my alarm clock.  Reaching out, I slammed my hand down on the button on top of my alarm causing a bright, blue light to flash into my eyes as I began to see ghost spots.

“Oh my gosh. Rachel!” scrunching my eyes due to being blinded by the light, “It’s like 5:30 in the morn-" lifting my head again, in shock, to make sure i read that right, “no wait; it is 5:30 in the blimming morning!” I groaned, grabbing my pillow and shoving it on top of my face. “Like seriously Soph, I didn’t need to be up until 6:30” I hesitated, removing the pillow from my face, “at the latest.” I sat up as the golden rays shone on my face, i took in the sunlight trying to wake myself up a bit more. It was too bright for 5:30am, i was like a deer in headlights. "I see you messed with my alarm clock...again", I scowled.

“Well” she huffed, “I thought I would just wish my favourite little sis a happy birthday because I was excited about what I got you and, I thought you would be excited about turning sixteen! You know…the big one-six!” She explained with emphasis on the ‘and’ and using her dramatic hands when saying ‘the big on-six’.

Carrying on before I could reply, “Also, I thought you would like to get ready for your first day of ‘high school’ ” Rachel laughed as she reached out and began to tickle me, I couldn't help but giggle along with her and sink back down under my covers to try and hide.

“But Rach,” I gasped after calming myself down a bit. “It’s not like I haven’t done the ‘high school’ bit before.” I sighed, thinking about past memories of my old school. All my friends I had left behind and I wonder if they would still remember me.

“Of course they would still remember you! You can even talk to them through Facebook, Skype, et cetera” Rachel reassured me as she flopped down onto my purple bean bag, however I don’t quite remember myself saying that out loud…or did I? ‘It’s too early in the morning to be questioning myself’. I reached towards my temples and rubbed them slightly. Maybe I was coming down with something. I turned to face Sophia and smiled.

“Yeah you’re right. I don’t know why I thought that. Anyway, high school isn’t that different to secondary school i guess.” I explained, getting out of bed and walking towards my dresser. “I mean education wise.” I pulled the handles on the drawers and began to shuffle through the clothes to find an outfit. For a moment i forgot my sister was still in the room. I pulled out a simple grey logo top with navy skinny jeans and grabbed some white converses.

"So...what do you think?" I asked Rachel. She stared appalled at my choice of clothing, you see, she is more into fashion and she doesn't agree with the way i dress. We are like two different people, i dress more casual while she dresses more fashionable.

"Well...erm...it's not very, how do i put this...fashionable, but i have already tried to style you once and it will not happen again. So i'm going to go and see if dad's up, laters." Rachel hesitantly spoke as she backed herself out of the room. I stood there awhile bewildered, thinking i'm really in California and i still can't believe it. 


Forty minutes later i was showered, dressed and pretty much ready for school even though there was an hour and forty minutes until school started. I wanted everything to go good. I plodded down the stairs and was almost scared to death when party poppers went off and i heard people yelling, 


I was too frazzled to realise that it was just my mum, dad, older sister Rachel and older brother, Jason. They began to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me when all of a sudden my brother, Jason, tackled me down and gave my a noogie. We where both laughing when we both got up and i got him in a headlock and gave him one. Don't you just love sibling rivalry? 

Most siblings fight all the time but not mine, me, Rachel and Jason are probably the closest of friends and out here, in an entire different country, you need your family more than ever.

"Ok you two, enough. It's time for presents!" my mum said enthusiastically, clapping her hand and i swore i saw her jump a little bit.  

"I should have given you another fifteen, but i thought i would be nice" Jason spoke, teasingly. I glanced back and slightly glared at him."What?" he said raising his hands and i noticed something shiny in his palm. "I thought i would be nice and give you a present...you know...because it's your birthday." handing me the gift. It was wrapped in shiny, purple wrapping paper and was the size of my hand. I wonder what it is?

"Aww, just like you to be such a nice brother." Rachel slapped Jason hard on the back repeatedly until he gave her the look. 

"Anyway, if you open it you'll find out what it is silly." I gave him a weird look, i could have sworn i had said that in my head, i must be losing it today. Jason carried on, "Sometimes you can be very naive to the world we live in-" Jason began but interrupted by dad coughing and said,

"So ho ho, how about you open it and see what's inside sweetie, i would expect it to be very nice." and muttered something under his breath. Something strange was going on and i wasn't sure what. While i opened it, i caught dad giving Jason an intensive stare. Unravelling the paper after a few seconds of getting the sellotape off, i found a square, black box. I pressed the button and it popped open. I was shocked about what i had found laying inside the box. 


"Where did you get this?" i gasped in astonishment. I saw a long, silver necklaces with a small, silver plate with various symbols on, upon which i didn't recognise.

"I found it...laying around...in the loft...maybe" he gave a foxy grin as he spoke. "Do you like it?" 

"Yeah, i do in a weird way. Do you know what these symbols mean?" i asked.

"Yeah, they're the Nephi-" he began before being interrupted again by dad,

"It's just some random symbols related to some old tribes around the world. Just something not that important anymore" dad strangely spoke to me, but i felt like he was angry at Jason for some reason. Was this necklace valuable to him or something. All i knew was i was confused. Before i knew it, the mood of the house had changed. I was told to go and get my things ready while my dad wanted to have a private talk with Jason and Rachel and for some reason, mum wasn't apart of any of this. So i got my coat and bag and waited in the car to be dropped off. 





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