A lie too far... (A short story)

Sara Longington and Kara Greye have been best friends since childhood until the day everything changed. Bullying can change and somebody's life and nobody would have guessed it would happen to Sara...but it did. That one summer everything changed and will affect both Sara's and Kara's lives forever.


1. A Guilty Conscience (from the bully's point of view)

   I stood there in the blanket of snow, in nothing more than my woollen pyjamas and a guilty conscience. My bare feet being bitten by the coldness and bringing the sensation of pins and needles to the surface. The sky was perfect for a funeral, dark skies, chills in the air and not knowing when the sky was going to cry with you. Not only perfect for that, but also perfect for telling the truth. I had dug myself too deep this time that it took my best friend's life, as the walls of the hole collapsed in with her. Burying her six feet under, beneath my very feet.

Here lies Sara Longington. A good student and loved by her family and friends. 24th December 1995 - 31st December 2011' 

I forced myself to just stare at her grave as the tears i had tried so hard to hide, began to prickle at my eyes. The feeling of guilt overwhelmed me, a lump began to evolve at the back of my throat and i began to shiver due to the frosty wind biting at my exposed bare skin. Black birds flew overhead, cooing loud enough to fill my ears with their sound.

"How could this of happened? I never meant for it to go this far." I broke down in tears and dropped down to my knees, feeling the wetness of the snow seep through my pyjama bottoms. Covering my face with my hands i sobbed, "I'm sorry, i'm so sorry Sara. You can never forgive me for what i have done to you. I don't know what else to do. I'm confused without you here, i need you...here." With me, i thought. You always knew what to do, you could always get me through anything." I love you Sara. Not only like a best friend should, but you are like my big sister. Guiding me through life..." I paused to take in a breath. I needed a moment to consider the possibilities of not having her in my life. How was i meant to know what to do. She was always the one who had helped me to gain confidence, always told me i was beautiful on the inside and out and had promised that i would ALWAYS have her shoulder to lean on.


That was one promise she was going to have to break.


I needed her now. I will always, no matter what, be forever responsible of what happened. An eternity of guilt and i deserved it. I had hurt her, so badly, that i had made her commit suicide. I had lied to her, pretending to be a boy she had a crush on and i had hurt her. Writing hurtful, spiteful messages for everyone to see. I had bullied her because i was mad at her. She had left me for someone else and i had made her kill herself because of it. That is something i would have to live with for the rest of my life.

Everything seemed less important now. I had lost someone i would consider being one of the kindest, prettiest, most caring, considerate person i had ever known. Never mind that now, it's too late. I have realised i have done wrong and i can never forgive myself for it. That is something i will live with forever, till the day i die.

Whimpering, I slowly bend down and place my head onto the ground ear first. Trying to hear anything, something. Even though i know nothing will happen and that i only have two options facing me. I live with what i have done or i do something about it.



No one knew what happened to her after that. People assume she cried herself to sleep, leaving nothing but a note found by her parents on her bed side table.

I am sorry for all the hurt i have caused, i couldn't live with the guilt anymore. I could take no more. All i wish for is that everyone know i am truly  sorry. I shall enter an eternity of darkness. You shall find me (if you wish to) lying like my friend not moving ,while she's six feet under, and i'm six feet above her. I have made my choice as i am the one who bullied my best friend to death and now i shall face my consequence. 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'.


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