Ignore the petals

A tale of two, a boy and a girl, what would you expect?
Love can be found in different places, but for these two, they want to be as far away from each other..


1. The beginning of the end.

Wisps of colours fell down in a pattern of swirls, splashes emitting on the brown of the green grass. Dark black hair moved with the flow of the wind, the essence of the petals were trapped within the strands of hair, almost like a net trapping pinkish diamonds in its' grip..

"This is where it started!", shouted Elena at the top her voice, "This is where it ends!".

The power of her anger was directed towards a humanoid physique, with an average height. The humanoid's jaw tensed, the jawline of it was exposed. An attractive sight, one would say, probably from the lightness of his blonde hair, or the blue of his sapphire eyes. However, even all beautiful creatures, the true nature of them are hidden behind their eyes, sometimes vile, sometimes more beautiful than a flawless rose.

Elena's legs soon tensed, her eyes locked on the person in her radius.. However, as she jumped outwards time stood still and seemed to re-wind, rewind to the start, the start of the end..


Violet eyes snapped open, rays of light were intruding the optical vision of Elena. A ringing of a bell was emanating in her ears; she was in school.                                                                                                                                                                                  

"Urgh.. How rubbish is school", she murmured to herself.                                                                                                                 

She soon started to move herself towards the homeroom, her eyes ever so occasionally scanning through pupils to find her friends, alas she did not find any of them. Moreover, she continued her way, pushing and shoving through different types of people; short, tall, big, small, so many types.

She reached her destination, the familiar scent of jasmine came to her, the vibrations of music coming from the back, she was in her crappy homeroom, full of people that hated her guts.

"Pleasant, they're all still breathing..", she whispered to herself again.

"Hmph', you seem to be a morbid person", a masculine voice emitted behind her.

Elena turned to look behind her, a male with light blonde hair and deep blue sapphire eyes stared at her own violet eyes.

"My name's Adam", he said politely, "and you should get out of my way, before I trip you up".



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