Ignore the petals

A tale of two, a boy and a girl, what would you expect?
Love can be found in different places, but for these two, they want to be as far away from each other..


2. How it all started.

"Elena Black and Adam Jones!", bellowed the teacher at both of them, his nostrils flaring as he did so,"get into your seats before you do a double detention".

"Yes sir..", they both replied in unison as they slowly trudged to their seats, their backs slouched in embarrassment.

"Now! Before I was rudely interrupted by a FEW students", his hawk like eyes penetrating the forehead of the two students he shouted at, "There's going to be a Victorian based trip next month, everyone will be assigned as a person or class and we will be living like the Victorians for two weeks. The reply slips are at the bottom.. I expect ALL of you to come.."

A tsunami of noise soon built up, a vast collage of excitement to moans and groans of fury. 

"Victorians!" squeal one pupil.
"This is going to be living hell.." another one groaned.

The same patterns of moans and groans were carried on, until it was cut by the drone of the school bell; complete and utter silence.

Waves of pupil flooded into the corridor, different kinds of people were bumping into each other, tall, short, big, small.
Elena walked after the flooding of pupils, her head bowed low as she started to think..
'He's.. good looking.. but.. he's just.. a complete dick', she thought to herself dreamily as she stood the the doorway of her first lesson; English Studies.

Elena merely did the usual in her first lesson doodling and writing down notes of anything that interested her in English; star-crossed lovers they were reading about. Elena merely smiled as she started to carry on with her reading, her head bowed as she started to sink within the plot of the story.

"Ah, Adam.. You can sit at the front with Elena..", said a voice that was directed near her. A  satisfied teacher started to look Adam up and down as he slowly walked to Elena's radius..
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