Ignore the petals

A tale of two, a boy and a girl, what would you expect?
Love can be found in different places, but for these two, they want to be as far away from each other..


3. Adam Jones.

"Er'.. Hi.. ", whispered Adam as he timidly sat down near Elena's own seat.

"Thought if I get in your way you'll trip me up, idiot", replied Elena to the friendly male.

"I didn't mean to be that mean.. to such a pretty maiden..".

"Ha! Me? A maiden? Why don't you go flirt with the other girls over there?"

"They're a bunch of whores, you're not.."

Elena resumed to her reading, she disliked this new kid, he seems to think he can get any girl that he wants.. He was going to take a step back after he sees what she is going to do!
As normal the bell went off, the masses of pupils crowded outwards towards the other lessons that they all had to attend..

Throughout the next lesson Elena was avoiding 'the new kid' and thankfully he wasn't in her next lesson; History.. She adored knowing about the history of others, and how she got to where she is. 
 The bell for lunch rang again; a droning noise that annoyed her ears. Her body was moving in an elegant matter until she bumped into a group of students. 
She spotted a lightly blonde haired person inside the crowd; Adam was engulfed by the crowds of popular kids, one girl was wrapped around him, her squeaky laughter was sending shrill chills down her spine.

"Oh look! It's that weirdo nerd!" a voice emitted from the crowd of egotistical teenagers.

Laughter was soon building after that quip, even the friendly laugh of Adam, so called nice friendly Adam!

'He's a two-faced, lying prick', she thought to herself. 
Her eyes were building with a few tears as she shoved her way from the crowd of teens. Her heart seemed to ache slightly as she stood in the doorway of the canteen, it was like a small kingdom of different types: nerds, emos, hipsters, chavs and the 'cool' kids..

Her legs started to move to a small corner, where a few girls were sat down. The girl physiques were milling about, a quiet chatter going among them.
These people were her friends; Sapphire, Yasmine and Ruby.

Ruby: She had a great physique, like an hourglass, her hair was a dark brown, sparkling brown eyes were staring at a pair of hazel like eyes. Replying at the dark brown eyes were a light blue, that were slightly covered by a sandy coloured fringe; Sapphire, the locks of beach like hair  covered her high appendages that were linked with a curvy figure that was right next to a petite girl, hiding behind vast locks of hair. Behind the raven like hair, were a pair of bold blue eyes, that complemented the pale skin of Yasmine.

"Oooo! Look at that new kid.. He is sooo good looking!", smirked Ruby at Elena, dark eyebrows wagged up and down in a jokey manner.

"Hmph'.. What lies behind the eyes of a tiger, may never tell us what their true nature is..", quoted Elena distastefully, her eyes rolling at the quip.

"Huh?", Sapphire stared at her, her brows raising in obvious confusion.

"She's basically saying that he's good looking, but has a crap personality..", whispered Yasmine to Sapphire, her voice slightly reaching the ears of the other girls.

Elena sat down with the other girls as she started to blend in the with chatter and buzz of the cafeteria.
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