The new guy

Izzy has lived n the same small town all her life
the same guys
the same school
the same izzy
but when a new guy comes into town will izzy get heart broken or will she find her soulmate ??????????????????????????????????


4. The party

Walking up to Josh's house and hearing the music pump from the spaeakers it's lucky that my friend sarah toldd me that it wasn't a house warming party well it was but his parents wont be home.

When I knockd on the door Josh opened the door you could tell that he was drunk when he said...


"Hey I didn't think that you wuld turn up but I'm glad you did." You could smell the Beer on him.

"Wel I wainvited so I came," I didn't want it to sound bitchy but it just came out like that.

"Well I'm glad that you came any way I want you to meet some friends of mine from my old school."

He took my hand and led me through the living room to the kitchen, as we were walking through the living room Emily Harris spotted me he eyes flashed to mine and Josh's hands ( we were still holding hands) I turned to her and smiled my nice sweet, inoccent smile and she just glared back at me, I thought to myself "Ha look Emily my night is sooo much better than yours and i've only just come in."




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