The new guy

Izzy has lived n the same small town all her life
the same guys
the same school
the same izzy
but when a new guy comes into town will izzy get heart broken or will she find her soulmate ??????????????????????????????????


5. The other guy !

When we, me and Josh, enterd the kitchen he led me over to a group of guys...

"Izzy these are my friends Jack, Jamie,James and Joe." They all smiled when he said their names. Josh and say hello to some other people so I was left with Jack, Jamie, James and Joe...

"So are you and Josh going out?" Said James,

"Oh no we're just friends." I replied a little shocked at the question.

"Just you wait Josh will make his move first any way your a pretty girl what boy wouldn't want you." At this I went red

"Dude leave her alone she dosen't want to be interragated by you or any of us for that matter." Said Joe he took my breath away he had short brown spikey hair and bright blue eyes he was so cute but Josh was cuter by far.

I liked him better than an of the other boys because James just asked  questions about me and Josh,Jamie just looked at my boob's and every time he spoke he said something dirty and Jack just through things at me. But with Joe we could ave an actual conversation and it felt so normal like we had been friends for a long time.

Half an hour later Josh came back...


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