The new guy

Izzy has lived n the same small town all her life
the same guys
the same school
the same izzy
but when a new guy comes into town will izzy get heart broken or will she find her soulmate ??????????????????????????????????


3. oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)



I'm sat next to the fittist guy in school. Yesterday he sent me a note that said and I quote

"Hey Izzy wuu2 on friday because we r having a house warming party and I was wondreing If u would like to come u don't have to but if u want to I live on fizroy road at number 17 hope to see you there." 

So naturaly I said that I would go I can't belive it i'm going to Joshs house I bet that  he's invited emily and all of her cliche great I neeed to find something amazing to wear,oh well i'm not going to let emily and her lot ruin the party for me and if they don't bother me than its going to be amazing.

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