The new guy

Izzy has lived n the same small town all her life
the same guys
the same school
the same izzy
but when a new guy comes into town will izzy get heart broken or will she find her soulmate ??????????????????????????????????


2. my wish has come true


I said that I wanted to have someone onenew to come ino this village and it has come true. In english today MR.Rodmoore was interupted by the school receptionist, we don't know her name, but anyway she came in with a new guy walking in behind her she asked MR.Rodmoore if she could talk to the class, he agreed and so she spoke...

"Class this is Josh mercer he has come from ondon but his family has moved here because..." I didn't hear the rest I was too busy looking at him him (Josh),

he had bright blue eyes and brown hair that was short and spikey, he was perfect of course I knew that he would never ever want to go  out with me not Emily Harris was in th class she was perfect she lookedlike a barbie doll and all the rat boys in my stupid little school loved that so you could tell that he was going to as her out. And lucky for him she was single yep se had just broken up with dan the only remotly hot gu in the school wll he was hot before josh came along now h elooks jst a ratty as the other boys do.


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