The new guy

Izzy has lived n the same small town all her life
the same guys
the same school
the same izzy
but when a new guy comes into town will izzy get heart broken or will she find her soulmate ??????????????????????????????????


1. The start

I have lived in the same town all my life and even thoughh it has been the same boys, school and the same me I don't realy want to leave, I do like it here, I just feel like there needs to be a new person someone who nobody knows and who is a guy.

At my school and in my village all the boys are well lets just say thy arn't realyvery god looking to be honest they all look a bit like rats, they have the same pointy nose and the same small round eyes. I would say that they are a bit like pigs but that would be unfair on pigs so they're rats and have been that wy scince I first came to the secondry school theonly secondry school in the little village of rosemoor.

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