Only Once


1. Winter.



                                           The first snow of the year has arrived. I was waiting at an old, run down bus stop when it started. The little snowflakes floated and fell softly on my fleece jacket. I tucked my scarf up my neck a bit, the soft, warm fabric felt good against my cool skin. I glanced at my watch, Id been waiting for the bus a while now, and it gave no sign of showing itself.The snow was starting to fall a bit harder now, and i had stomped my feet in order to keep warm. I wonder...i thought as i looked up and down the street, could the buses have stopped because of the snow fall? i sighed and slumped against the cold hard bench. I looked around taking in the little town, it  looked alluring under the shining, bright blanket of snow. "where is that bus." i mumbled to myself.  I shivered from the cold and pulled my jacket closer to my body. "ohhh, how cold is it going to get?!" i mumbled to myself ,once more. When I couldn't stand it anymore, i stood from the bench, shifted my scarf, and headed back home. I had to walk quickly,  now that i was walking through the snow my head was starting to get warm, I stopped and ducked by an ally wall for a minute, . I had a tendency to get sick pretty fast(one of the things i hated about my body). But i had to get home soon, so  i shrugged off the feeling of sickness and continued the long,journey, back home.


                                            The snow was really letting it all down now, and the wind was blowing hard to. My hair kept whipping around my face, like a swarm of angry bees. I groaned and rubbed my throbbing forehead, which was getting warmer by the second, and was making me dizzy and fatigue. I looked up and glanced around my surroundings, i was about in the middle of the town now. "Urg"  I groan, looking down at my self, I was soaked to the skin,my hair was matted to my head and to make things worse i was shivering like crazy. I lift my head and look for the nearest store, its Starbucks, and only a couple feet away. I quickly stomp to the warm looking shop, when i open the door im instantly greeted by a tingling bell and a whiff of warm, coffee smelling air.





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