Red Shoes

Shoes. They'd never meant much to Sophie, they were just an accessory. But she soon realizes they can be the center piece of an outfit, or the reason a cute guy spoke to you. Or the reason he chose you to be the one he would scar for life. (-Note: ive changed Daniel's name to Jason.)


2. The Beginning.

"Okay, what was that?" Brianna asked as they walked down to the shops.

"Nothing," Sophie flicked her hair over her shoulder.

"Whatever," Shontelle said. "I got his number." She waved a small piece of paper in the air.

"Me too!" Brianna waved a similar piece of paper.

"Are they coming to the party?" Sophie asked.

"Of course," Brianna replied. They had just arrived at the best shoe shop in town. 

"I love shoes," Shontelle said wistfully. "Lets go in."

"Wait! I want to see they display." Sophie said. There was a new window display every month. This month, there was a big rainbow stretching over the whole window, and three haystacks stood in front of it. Each one had a pair of shoes on it. The shoes on the left were ankle boot wedges made up of patches of metal. On the right were a pair of strappy leopard print stilettos. In the middle, were the most gorgeous shoes Sophie ever saw. They were sparkly, red platforms with a red spotty bow on the toe. They were perfect. "I need them."

"Well lets go inside and try them on!" Brianna tugged on her hand and she followed them into the brightly lit shop. Everything was sparkly and the main wall across from the till was full of shelves of shoes. 

"I want to live here," Sophie sighed and caught the eye of an assistant. "Hi can I try on a pair of the red shoes in the window? Size four." She smiled.

"Of course," The young girl beamed back and went into the back of the shop. It must have been her first day. Sophie sat down on one of the plushy shoe shaped chairs and watched her friends looked at shoes.

"I want these," Shontelle picked up a pair of red soled leopard print platforms. "I know I'll look great in them, and they'll match my dress." She smiled and put them down on the till.

"Red soles? Louboutin?" Brianna raised her eyebrows as she slipped on a pair of electric pink peep toe wedges. "I love these. And they'll match my dress, too!" She started modelling them in front of a full length mirror.

"What are your dresses like?" Sophie asked. She was getting curious, their shoes were very bold.

"Well, my dress is like a pale, baby pink? It's strapless with a heart bodice." Shontelle replied as she took the black paper bag the cashier was handing her. She sat down on a shoe shaped chair next to Sophie.

"And mine," Brianna said as she gave her shoes to the cashier, "Is zebra print. It's quite low but it has long sleeves." She shrugged and took the bag off the checkout. The assistant had just walked back in with the shoes. 

"Thank you," Sophie beamed back at her polite smile. She slipped her feet into the shoes and stood up in front of a small mirror that showed just her feet. They fit perfectly. And they actually looked good. They feel right, Sophie thought. I wonder if Daniel will be there...She stopped thinking and turned to Shontelle and Brianna. "What do you think?"

"I wish I got those!" Shontelle whined. Sophie laughed and stepped out of the shoes. She picked up the box and put them inside then looked at the price. Her eyes widened and she looked closer, thinking she must have read it wrong.

"What's wrong?" Brianna grabbed the box. "Oh." 

"Oh." Sophie slipped her own heels. "It doesn't matter. I'll find another pair."

"No! They look great on you. I'll help with the price," Brianna put the box on the checkout and pulled her purse out of her bag. "How much have you got?"

"Two hundred, but I need something to chip in with the drinks and I want a new skirt," Sophie replied, getting her purse out too. She pulled out a hundred and a fifty. 

"Well I'll give you one-fifty. See? Simple." She smiled and passed the money over to the cashier then gave Sophie the bag. "Enjoy." Sophie beamed back at her then gave her a one armed hug.

"You're the best."

"Excuse me?" Shontelle raised her eyebrows, but she was smiling. Sophie let go of Brianna and reached out for Shontelle.

"You too, Shon. Now enough of the hugging, let's go get the drinks and get ready!" They walked back up the street to the corner shop and a bell rang as they walked inside. 

"I'll get it. Champagne or are we doing shots?" Shontelle flicked her long, black hair over her shoulder and pulled two twenties out of it. 

"Champagne. Get two," Brianna replied and took Sophie's hand. She dragged her to the magazine section and they pretended to flick through OK! This was the part Sophie hated about going shopping with them. It seemed so sneaky and mean. All someone had to do was recognize them and tell the police they weren't eighteen and the shopkeeper would lose everything. Shontelle came over, carrying two bottles. 

"Come on," She gestured to the till with one of the bottles and they followed her. She gave the cashier a bedazzling smile and carefully put the bottles down on the counter. She put her shoulders back and pushed out her chest and flicked her hair. The cashier was a man and he gave a look. And it wasn't a disapproving look at all. Sophie's mum had always said she shouldn't go out dressed in short skirts and low tops. She said they'd attract the wrong kind of people, older people, and get themselves in trouble. Sophie tried not to be as revealing as Shontelle, but they always made jokes and some of  the boys called her a nun. Mostly because she still had her virginity, Shontelle her's last year to some strange looking boy in the year above who's tracksuit bottoms was his most prized possession. Brianna said she had but Sophie didn't believer her entirely. Sophie still shivered at the idea of someone like him touching her, shallow but still, it made her feel sick, and focused on what Shontelle was doing. 

"Anything else, ladies?" He looked over Shontelle's shoulder at Brianna and Sophie. Brianna moved to stand behind Sophie so she stood up straight and flicked her hair.

"Nothing, thanks." She gave him a fake smile and looked at Shontelle. "Do you need anything?"

"Maybe some breath mints. Brianna?" Brianna looked out behind Sophie.

"Chewing gum please. I can still taste the chips from lunch." She pulled a face. Shontelle gave her a hard look. Sophie thought they'd blew their chances. Anyone knew someone who was eighteen wouldn't go to the local chippy for lunch. But he reached behind him and put the items in a bag with the champagne. Shontelle handed over the money and he gave her the bag. He winked at her, too. She smiled at him and they walked quickly out of the shop. The sun was still high in the sky and Sophie basked in it's warmth for a minute before catching up with Shontelle and Brianna.

"We're getting ready at my house, yeah?" Sophie asked.

"Yup," Brianna replied, "We have our dresses." She smiled. They came to her house and Sophie pushed open the gate and let herself inside. She held the door open and gestured for them to go upstairs while she spoke to her mum.

"Hey mum! We're just going to get ready, okay?" She said in cheerful tones as she got down three glasses.

"Ready for what?" Louise was dishes out pasta onto Jack's plate as he watched, you could practically see the drool pouring from his mouth. She glanced up at Sophie and frowned. "Honey, what are you getting ready for?" Her mum past her the empty pasta bowl and she dumped it in the sink.

"Garlic bread?" Sophie offered a different dish full of garlic bread. 

"Yes please!" Sophie set the bowl down in the middle of the table. "It's just a party at Darren Foreman's house. I'll be home for ten." Louise sighed and looked up and Sophie.

"Sweetie, are you sure that's a good idea? You didn't get back till late last night, I don't want you to wear yourself down." She looked worried but Sophie just shrugged and headed upstairs. 

"I'll be fine!" She called down. 

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