Red Shoes

Shoes. They'd never meant much to Sophie, they were just an accessory. But she soon realizes they can be the center piece of an outfit, or the reason a cute guy spoke to you. Or the reason he chose you to be the one he would scar for life. (-Note: ive changed Daniel's name to Jason.)


3. Party Time.

When Sophie walked into her room Brianna and Shontelle were already in their dresses and they were crowding round the mirror. Brianna had pulled her red hair up in a tight, high ponytail and Shontelle was halfway through curling her's. Sophie couldn't curl hers that fast even if she tried, it was like Shontelle had been doing it for years. They glanced at her as she walked in and took their glasses after she'd poured in the champagne. Sophie walked over to her wardrobe and pulled it open. Her wardrobe was in three different parts, dresses, skirts and shorts. Cardigans, tops and jumpers were on the top and her sweats and jeans were in the drawers underneath. She pulled out her dress and laid it on the bed. She undress quickly, she was self conscious. The girls in the year above used to call her sticky and she still hated how she looked, even after she'd filled out. She pulled the dress up her slim body and pulled up the zipper. Her hair was still shiny and and soft so she curled it a little then did her make up again. She wiped off her old make up and carefully applied eyeliner and mascara. She squeezed out a blob of foundation and rubbed it in the brushed on some blusher. 

"Ready?" Brianna and Shontelle were standing in their heels and clutching their bags. Sophie pulled hers out of their box and slipped into them. She admired them for a moment then grabbed her own back and hung it on her shoulder. It was small, red and sparkly. It didn't have a handle, it was more like a long chain and the bag dangled by her waist.

"Let's go!" They clambered down the wooden stairs and Sophie waved goodbye to her mum before heading out into the cold night. They all shivered then grinned at each other as the walked up the street, their heels clicking in time together. Sophie's feet started to get sore within a few minutes and they ended up getting a taxi. "Thank you," Sophie smiled at the driver as they clambered out of the cab. 

"No problem girls, have a lovely night." Sophie passed over the money then followed Shontelle and Brianna down the small path to Darren's house. The house was big and lanterns were hung all over the porch. Shontelle put out a perfectly manicured nail and pressed the door bell. Sophie looked down at her own nails. They'd been filed, buffed and soaked and painted bright red. All the red weirdly matched her blue dress. Darren answered the door and grinned at the girls. His teeth were perfectly straight, but they were starting to go yellow from all the smoking. They stepped into the house and it smelt clean, Sophie thought. Weird. She walked through to the living room, her shoes echoed on the white marble floor. The living room had a few white leather sofas placed around the flat screen, a big stone fire place and a big chandelier. People were lounging on the sofas, on the floor, on tables. There were people everywhere. Sophie walked back out into the empty lobby and looked around. Shontelle and Brianna had gone straight to the kitchen, which was probably more crowded than the living room. She decided that with a house this big, there must be a library somewhere and that nobody would be caught dead in a library at a party. Sophie didn't really care about being caught in a library and headed up the big spiral stair case. There were a few people dotted around on the stairs, some were passed out already and some were kissing. She dodged some grabby hands and made it to the top. The landing was empty and Sophie started trying doors. The first two were empty bedrooms. The bathroom definitely not empty and she shut that door quickly. The third door was another hallway with more people and she decided to go down it. She came to two doors. The first one was a big bedroom, a few people were inside smoking. She was beginning to give up when she opened the second door. She was greeted by the smell of old books. She opened the door wider and stepped inside. The walls were lined with big oak bookcases and a large wooden table stood in the center of the room. She shut the door behind her and went over to the first bookcase. She was looking through the collection of Shakespeare when someone cleared their throat behind her. She span round and was faced with Daniel. He took a step back and looked down at his converses. They were bright red but they'd faded and were stained with mud. He was wearing low riding jeans and a You Me At Six shirt. She blushed but didn't look down, she didn't want to look stupid. She folded her arms and stared at him until he looked up. And when he did, all the sarcastic comments she'd made up in her head vanished. She got lost in his bright blue eyes. He shook his head.

"What are you doing here?" He demanded. She gaped at him for a moment. She couldn't believe someone with such beautiful eyes could be so rude.

"Darren invited me. Problem?"

"You just don't seem like the kind of person he'd hang with. You don't smoke or drink or do drugs, do you?"

"I drink a little. And I'm a girl an ass and boobs, why wouldn't he invite me?" 

"My sister is you age and she has an ass and wears a bra, she's not here."

"Yeah, because she's probably a geek, like you."

"So if I'm a geek, why are you in a library at a party?"

"Well-" She couldn't think of anything to say. She just stood there with her mouth hanging open like an idiot. She quickly shut it and gave him a hard look. "Why are you such a dick? Would it kill you to be nice?"

"I'm nice to people, just not people like you." He replied plainly.

"People like me?"

"People who care to much about having the best shoes and hair and make up. You and your friends don't look pretty, you look like sluts." And then she slapped him. Hard. She couldn't control herself. That wasn't true. She wasn't like them. She only became friends with them after she crashed one of their parties when she was younger to get drunk. But they eventually became her friends, Brianna and Shontelle did anyway. She couldn't stand the boys and wouldn't date any of them. He stood their for a moment, shocked. Then he smiled grimly. "Truth hurts, hm?" 

"I wouldn't know, because that's not the truth. I'm not like them. I started going with them to get drunk and Brianna and Shontelle became my friends. Getting drunk made going home and getting yelled at by my mum that little bit easier. Those boys are disgusting, I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. And if you don't like the way I dress, I take formal complaints in any form, a letter, a text, a rock.  So don't go around and act like you know me like the back of your hand, because you don't." She let out a long breath. He stood and gaped at her. Then he leaned forward and kissed her. At first she was surprised and didn't react, but then she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. He tasted like peppermint and beer, but only a little beer. His lips were soft and damp and they felt good against her own. His arms were wrapped around her, hugging her to him. Then he let go and stepped backward, leaning against the bookcase. She stared at him and he stared back. He put his hand to his lips and brushed over them. He took a step forward then stopped. Neither of them could decide what to do. "Um, I better go," She turned to the door but he grabbed her arm and spun her arm. Before she could get her balance back he grabbed her round the waist and kissed her. Her hands were in his hair and he had a hand holding her head and a hand on the small of her back. Nobody had ever touched her there and now she wondered why she'd never wanted anyone to before. She pulled away and gasped. He let go and took a few steps back.

"Sorry, I just- Sorry. I don't know why I just- Sorry." He put a hand to his head and sat down on a chair. Sophie ran a hand through her hair and looked towards the door. She could really use a drink right now. She looked back at him and he was staring at her.

"I thought you hated me." She pulled up a chair and sat opposite him.

"Me too," He ran a hand through his hair. Sophie realized she kept watching his hands. Probably because their really big. She looked down at her own hands. They were small and tanned and a little bony. They sat in silence a little longer until Sophie couldn't stand it anymore.

"I'm going to go get a drink," She said as she stood up. 

"Me too," He stood up and gestured for her to go first. She opened the heavy door and weaved through the people. They came to the second door and she pushed it open. The landing was more crowded now and Sophie had to push through the people to get to the stairs. She clicked down the stairs as fast as she could in her heels. She'd lost Daniel in the mass of people but she kept going until she got to the kitchen. One of Darren's friends staggered over to her.

"You want a drink babe?" He slurred. Sophie couldn't care less were it came from, she needed a drink.

"Sure," She smiled sweetly and flicked her hair. She'd got enough practice from Shontelle. He winked at her and handed her a glass of something. It looked clear and she downed it. She closed her eyes as she felt the impact it had and took a step back. When she opened her eyes everything was blurry and it took a while for everything to go right. She didn't usually lose it so quickly. Suddenly, she felt tired and drowsy. She took a step back but she lost her footing and fell. The pain was terrible and she groaned and put her hand to her head. Everything was going blurry and she was trying her best to keep a hold on things. But she couldn't and she let her eyelids eventually droop shut. 

"Yep, she's out. You carry her, she's too heavy for me." Was the last thing she heard...

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