Red Shoes

Shoes. They'd never meant much to Sophie, they were just an accessory. But she soon realizes they can be the center piece of an outfit, or the reason a cute guy spoke to you. Or the reason he chose you to be the one he would scar for life. (-Note: ive changed Daniel's name to Jason.)


4. Nightmare.

Sophie woke up in a bed with blood red sheets in a white room with one red wall. She looked around and realized the sheets were wet. She lifted her head to try and get a closer look and groaned with the pain. Worst hangover ever, Sophie thought. She sat up slowly this time and propped herself up on the pillows. The bed sheets were weird, there was just a big red spot were she was sitting and the rest were white. She felt a piercing pain in her arm and looked at it. She screamed. Her arm had three deep cuts covered in blood. She looked at her other arm and it was the same. Sophie started hyperventilating and tried to figure out wear she was. Just then, two boys came in. They were Darren's friends, Sophie remembered. 

"Shut the fuck up you stupid whore, or I'll have to get my friend here to cut you again." One of them spat at her. He looked at his friend and grinned. His teeth were yellow and crooked. "You wanna go first?" He waggled his eyebrows. 

"No you go first, man." He was holding a knife. It had blood on it.

"Thanks," He winked and started to unbuckle his jeans. Sophie was confused for a moment then realized with horror what they were about to do. 

"No! No, please, please don't. Please," Sophie cried. Tears were running down her cheeks. She didn't care about looking pretty anymore. She wished she'd bought another pair of shoes and came in a pair of sweats and a jumper. 

"He said shut up!" The one with the knife shouted. 

"Don't worry, she's lost blood. She won't be able to scream for much longer." He climbed onto the bed and started pushing up her dress. 

"Please," She sobbed weakly. "Don't." It was too late, he'd straddled her and held her down. The pain was worse than anything she'd ever felt. She never stopped crying, there were still tears running down her cheeks when they were finished. She felt dirty and tired and weak. They left, laughing. Bastards, Sophie thought. With all her strength, she screamed. She screamed like she never had before. "Somebody help me!" She cried into the blood soaked sheets. I'm going to die here, she thought. A few minutes later people were in the room.

"Sophie? Oh God, Sophie!" It was Brianna. Sophie supposed she was shouting but all she could her was faint whispers.

"It's okay, Sophie, everything is going to be okay." Sophie didn't recognize the voice, probably a paramedic, she thought. The dark washed over her again, and she gave in. She didn't even fight it.

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