Red Shoes

Shoes. They'd never meant much to Sophie, they were just an accessory. But she soon realizes they can be the center piece of an outfit, or the reason a cute guy spoke to you. Or the reason he chose you to be the one he would scar for life. (-Note: ive changed Daniel's name to Jason.)


1. Hangover

Sophie was fourteen years old when she had her first drink. She was fifteen when she got drunk for the first time. So she wasn't unprepared for the splitting headache she woke up with the morning after her friends sixteenth birthday party. They'd all gone out to the clubs in town at 2am and Sophie didn't get home till 6. Her alarm started chirping at 7am and she threw her hand out and slapped it. The room went quiet and Sophie sighed happily and started to go back to sleep. Until her mother, Louise, burst in the door. 

"Sophie! It's seven, you need to get up for school," she told her cheerfully as she opened the curtains. Bright, morning sun filled the room and Sophie groaned and pulled a pillow over her head.

"Five more minutes!"

"It's already five past, you've had five minutes! Up! Now!" Louise pulled the duvet off the bed and flew out the door to wake up Sophie's brother. Reluctantly, Sophie got up and and plodded downstairs. Her brother was already sitting at the breakfast table, amazingly, and her mum was pouring out cereal for both of them. 

"It's a zombie!" Her brother, Jack, cried.

"Ha ha. Your hilarious." Sophie thumped down on the chair and ran her fingers through her hair. She really did feel like death. Her mum pushed a bowl of cornflakes in front of her then added a mug of coffee.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," She smiled as she sipped on her own coffee. The coffee tasted good and Sophie gulped it down. The cereal, not so much, but she was hungry so she ate it anyway. She smiled gratefully at her mum and went upstairs to the bathroom. The shower was good and refreshing and woke her up just that little but more. Her uniform was plain and itchy and she hated it. The pleated grey skirt was long and grandma-like. It only looked decent if it was pulled up to the waist, which Sophie did. She wore a shirt and tie and a blazer which were okay except for the shirt, which was uncomfortable. She blow dried her hair and let her shiny, wavy, brown hair tumble past her shoulders and quickly rubbed in some foundation and blusher and applied two quick flicks of mascara.

"Sophie! The bus is here! Hurry up!" Louise called up the stairs.

"I'm coming!" Sophie shouted as she grabbed her bag and ran down the stairs. Once she reached the bottom she felt dizzy and swayed.

"Are you okay?" Louise caught her elbow and steadied her.

"Yes, mum. I have to get to school," she slipped on her black pumps, even though she had a pair of black patent kitten heels in her bag that she was going to change into as soon as she got on the bus.

"What time did you get back last night? I didn't hear you come in."

"Around twelve. Brianna's dad drove me home with Shontelle."

"Oh, okay. Well, have a good day kids. I love you," she kissed Sophie on the cheek and Jack on his forehead and waved them out the door. 

Her brother ran ahead to catch up with his friends and Shontelle walked over to her smiling.

"So you're not ditching either. Brianna's on the bus, I came to make sure you weren't hiding in your bed." She winked.

"Trust me, I thought about it. I slept for an hour. An hour," Sophie moaned. Shontelle patted her on the back and laughed.

"That's what you get for staying out all night, you little rebel."

"Technically it was the morning," Sophie smirked as she stepped on the bus and made her way to the back, where Brianna was resting her head on the window. "Good morning, sunshine." Brianna opened her eyes and grimaced.

"Please stop shouting," she groaned as she covered her ears with her hands. Sophie laughed and sat down next to her and patted the seat beside her as Shontelle came up the aisle, all the boys turned to watched as she swayed her hips from side to side as she walked. 

"They wish," Shontelle whispered as she sat down. Sophie laughed and pulled her heels out of her bag and pulled them on.

"Oo nice shoes," Brianna commented.

"Thanks," Sophie replied as she admired them. As they pulled up to the school they were the first to get up. The boys watched all of them leave. They giggled to each other as they walked into the school. 

"Hello ladies," Darren Foreman called to them from the grass where he sat. He got up and walked over to them. "Hangovers?" He asked as he flipped his blonde hair, not to get it out of his hair, just so the girls walking past blushed and giggled.

"Just a bit," Brianna groaned and put her hand to her head.

"Hope your still all up for tonight," He waggled his eyebrows.

"Your house?" Sophie asked as she got out her phone.

"At eight," He winked and sauntered back to his friends. As soon as he was out of sight Brianna squealed.

"Did you see that Sophie?! He winked, at you!" Brianna squealed excitedly.

"I think he's going to make the move." Shontelle stated.

"You think so?" Sophie asked, looking at her nails absently, trying not to look like she cared.

"I know so!" Shontelle squealed, joining Brianna.

"What are you going to wear tonight? You need to look amazing," Brianna asked Sophie. 

"I was thinking that dark blue body con dress you gave me for my birthday?"

"What about shoes?" Shontelle added.

"I don't know, I'll have a look in my wardrobe when I get home," Sophie replied quickly. The bell had just rang and they were two floors away from science. She was getting anxious.

"What?!" Brianna and Shontelle said simultaneously in horror. Brianna gave Shontelle a dismissive look.

"I need to get to Bio, see you at lunch!" Shontelle caught up with a small mousy girl and smiled sweetly. The girl looked up at her and Shontelle raised her perfectly plucked eyebrows. "Problem, short arse?"

The small girl blushed crimson, "Of c-course not," she stammered. They walked off down the hallway, the sound of Shontelle's heels echoed off the stone walls. 

"Anyway," Brianna continued as they began to walk along to hallway, "You cannot wear some old pair of, probably killer, heels that you've worn before! Let's go shopping after school, I'll ask my dad for money, and we can get something to get the party started before we go to the party," She laughed. She meant drink, Sophie thought. She really wasn't in the mood. Her head was beginning to thump and she felt like she was going to fall over with every step she took. Brianna's dad was the head teacher, all Brianna needed to do was bat her pretty little eyelashes and he'd give her anything she wanted. 

"Sounds great, thanks Bree." Sophie smiled tightly. They started walking faster as fewer people were in the halls the closer they got to the classroom. Dr. Stanley looked at them over his round spectacles as they burst in the classroom. They smoothed down their skirts, which barely made their knees, and made their way to their seats. Sophie's partner was a tall, quite muscly, boy with dark floppy hair. He gave her a sideways look before turning his attention back to Dr. Stanley.

"How nice of you to join us, ladies. Get out your notes, quickly. You've missed the introduction of the topic for today's lesson," He snapped as he took two trays of vials of a musty red liquid out of a cupboard that usually had a big, silver padlock hanging from it. "Today, we are looking at chemical reaction. You will add two drops of acid to each liquid. Then, you will record the speed of the reaction and the damage caused," He said as he put a vial of each liquid on each desk. Sophie picked one up and examined it. She realized with a jolt what it was.

"D-Doctor Stanley, this is-it's-"

"I am aware of what the liquid is, Miss Johnston. Now stop blabbering and get too work!" He shouted. The whole class turned to look at her and she blushed and looked down at her book. Her partner got up and got the equipment and set it out between them. She lifted the lid of the darker liquid and was overwhelmed by the rusty smell of the blood. It made her want to be sick, it didn't help her head either, and thrust it as her partner. She watched timidly as he conducted the experiment and copied the results once he was finished. She couldn't understand how you could alter blood to give a different reaction, it was especially weird that they were doing this in a school. Shouldn't trained doctors be doing this in a hospital. The bell couldn't have rang soon enough and Sophie jumped of her stool. The blood rushed to her head and she swayed again. It was worse this time and she had to lean on the table till she got herself together.

"Are you okay?" Her partner asked, he sounded worried. Really weird.

"Um, yeah. Fine," She flicked her hair and walked to the door, where Brianna was waiting.

"How weird was that? I mean, I've never seen blood up close like that. Like, handled it." Brianna mused as they walked to History.

"Yeah, me neither." Sophie replied, too creeped out to initiate any conversation. The rest of the day was as usual. They went to class, they worked, they went to another class. Sophie's headache slowly faded away but she could barely keep her eyes open when they met up at lunch. 

"You okay, babe?" Darren asked as he put his arm around her. They were in the local chippy but Sophie could barely eat, it was too hot and the room smelt funny.

"Um, yeah. Just tired," She replied, irritated that he'd put his arm around her and she couldn't get out. He smelt like beer and cigarette smoke and it made her feel sick. She really hoped he wouldn't make the move. Ever. Brianna saw her grimace and came over.

"Hey, Soph, me and Shontelle are going to go and get some sweets. You coming?" She looked uncertainly at Darren. He winked at her and shoved a greasy chip in his mouth.

"Sure!" Darren loosening his grip around her and she ducked out, breathing in the fresh air as she skipped outside. "Thanks Bree."

"No problem, let's get back to school. Mrs Harper said she doesn't care if I'm the bloody head teacher's daughter, the next time I show up late to her class, I'm getting detention. I cannot get detention, my dad would take my phone off me and...I just can't live without it," She clutched her phone theatrically to her heart and they all laughed as they walked up the pavement towards the school.

English and Maths weren't that bad, except for Mr Mover's sweat patches. The laughed and giggled over a bag of fizzy coco cola bottles as they walked to the shops. The boys from the year above were in the park were playing football. Topless. Brianna blushed and fiddled with her shoulder length red hair when one of them looked at her and smiled. 

"Their so fit," She sighed wistfully. Sophie looked over but none of them caught her attention. Until she saw her lab partner. He wasn't playing, he was sitting on a swing reading a book. The ball flew over and rolled behind him. He got up and threw it back to them.

"Want to play?" A tall boy with a lot of muscle called to him as he caught the ball.

"Sure," he shrugged. He was really good at football. After a while of watch they sat down on the grass to watch.

"He's really good," Sophie said. She was watching intently whilst the others poured over an issue of Hello! 

Brianna looked up from the magazine. "He's okay, I supposed," she said before going back to it. Sophie could see the sweat soaking his shirt and he stopped to pulled it off. He, surprisingly, had abs. And big, ripped arms. He shook his hair out before kicking the ball in the tall boy's direction. The girls had stuffed their blazer's in their bags and rolled up their sleeves. It was really hot and the sun was shining down on them happily.  

"Sophie, we really need to get to the shops. It's almost five." Brianna pointed out as she got up and brushed the grass off her skirt. 

"Yeah," Shontelle said, "You can watch him play tomorrow. Or you can play doctors and nurses in science." She laughed and so did Brianna. Some of the boys laughed too and Sophie got up quickly, blushing. She glanced over at him under her eyelashes. He was laughing, too. She picked up her bag and stomped over the grass to the pavement. When Shontelle and Brianna didn't follow, she turned back.

"Hey! Are you two coming or not?" She waved at them. They were twirling their hair and blushing at a couple of boys as they wrote down their numbers. Her lab partner was walking down the pavement towards her. He hadn't put his shirt on yet.

"I think they might be a while," He said. Sophie looked back at them and Brianna was leaning into one of them and Shontelle was already kissing the other one. She looked back at him and he was laughing.

"Wow. So, so funny." She said sarcastically. 

"Sophie, right?" 

"Yes, and you are?"

"Daniel," he winked. 

"Great, well I'll just wait for my friends, thanks. Bye!" She turned round and folded her arms. He grabbed her elbow and spun her back to face him. He gave her a bedazzling smile and leaned forward.

"See you later," He whispered, close enough for her to feel his hot breath on her neck. She shivered and he leaned back, smiled faintly, and walked away. She watched him until he was a dot in the distance.

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