Red Shoes

Shoes. They'd never meant much to Sophie, they were just an accessory. But she soon realizes they can be the center piece of an outfit, or the reason a cute guy spoke to you. Or the reason he chose you to be the one he would scar for life. (-Note: ive changed Daniel's name to Jason.)


5. Awake.

Sophie woke up staring up a clean white roof. She could feel pressure on her hands but she was scared to open her eyes.  She opened one and then then other. She was wearing a hospital robe and it was Shontelle and Brianna were holding her hands. There was a couple of chairs against the wall at the bottom of her bed next to the door, Louise was slumped in one of them. Jack was in the other and Louise had her arm around him. The blinds in the window above the chairs were closed and the room was strangely peaceful. She looked down at her arms, they were both wrapped in bandages. She caught a glimpse of herself in a small mirror on the medical cabinet next to the bed. Her make up from last night was smeared and her mascara was smudged down her face. Her hair had lost their bouncy curls and was frizzy and untidy. I look terrible, Sophie thought. Just then, somebody came in the door. It was Daniel, he was holding four coffees. He looked shocked when he saw her staring at her.

"You're awake." He stated as he put the coffees down on the table and the end of the bed. 

"Yep," She croaked. She cleared her throat and ended up coughing. Daniel passed her a glass of water. She slid her hand out of Shontelle's sleepy grasp and took it. She took a gulp then passed it back to him with a grateful look. "Thanks." Her voice was still a little croaky but not so bad. 

"How are you feeling?" He pulled a plastic chair up next to Shontelle. She was slumped back in a comfortable looking chair in a peaceful sleep.

"Fine," Sophie smiled weakly.

"Good," He smiled back. "The police are here, they said they wanted a statement from you as soon as you woke up. I'll just go get them okay?"

"W-what?" Sophie's face was frozen in horror.

"They just want you to go over what happened. They want as much info. as possible so they can catch the guys that did this to you." Sophie went over what happened briefly in her head. Tears filled up her eyes and slid down her cheeks. She looked down and fiddled with a loose thread on the bedding.

"I can't," She barely whispered in a tiny voice. She felt small and vulnerable and just thinking about going out of the hospital with all those people that could hurt her terrified her. She'd never been so scared of the world. 

"Hey," He stretched over and lifted her chin. She avoided his eyes and wiped away the tears pathetically. "It's okay, they'll help you."

"But no one did when I needed them," She looked in his eyes. "Nobody was there when I needed them most. Even when I screamed and screamed-" She broke off as the tears came heavier and faster and distressed sobs ripped through her chest. Everyone woke up looking startled. 

"Oh Sophie, oh my poor baby," Her mum go up from her seat and made her way over to her. Brianna got up and stood behind Shontelle and Daniel. Louise put her arms around her but when Sophie tried to lift her arms to hug her back pain shot through them. "I'm never letting you go again. Never. I thought-" Her mum broke off and stood up straight. She put a hand forward and stroked Sophie's cheek, wiping away a few tears before they were replaced with new ones. "I'm so sorry, baby, but you need to tell the nice policemen what happened." Louise said gently. She was treating Sophie like a baby but she didn't care."It'll be okay, I'll be there. No one is ever going to hurt you again." 

"But they could." She looked up fiercely. "People get hurt all the time. People die everyday. No one cares except for the people that knew them. To everyone else it's just one less person to feed. One less person to use up oxygen. People are born everyday. One less person in the world wouldn't make a difference." She'd stopped crying now. She looked down at the bed sheets again and fiddled with the loose piece of thread. Everyone was staring at her like she was a different person. Jack looked scared. She was a different person. She wasn't brave and happy anymore. She was scared and sad and angry. How could people do this? She thought. It had barely been a day and she already felt like they'd ruined her life. She wanted it to be special when she lost her virginity. Not terrifying and cruel and painful. "I'd like you all to leave now. Please." She whispered. She saw Louise stare at her for a minute.

"Fine," She sighed and kissed her forehead, "We'll go, sweetie. Get some rest."

"I don't need to rest!" Sophie shouted. "You think I just need to go to sleep and everything will be better? Everything will just magically heal and I'll be a virgin again and happy like it never happened? 'Cause it did and nothing can change that."

"Honey, I know you must feel terribly angry right now, but you can't take it out on everyone else. It's not their fault." She said softly.

"I'm not blaming everyone else. It's my fault." She said said quietly.

"Baby, don't be ridiculous. It's not your fault. It's those awful,awful boy's fault." Everyone was standing around them, frozen. Shontelle was at the door and Brianna was behind her. Daniel was next to her mum at the bottom of the bed.

"It is, though! I'm the one that took that stupid drink, I'm the one that passed out so easily. I'm the one that didn't scream loud enough. I'm the one that didn't get out when I had the chance." Sophie cried. Tears were rolling down her cheeks again and she felt pathetic and stupid. Everyone probably thought she wanted attention. But she didn't, she couldn't help it. It was like someone had left the tap running in her eyes. They wouldn't stop.

"But you tried. That's all you could do, baby."

"But it wasn't good enough, was it? Please, just go. You're right, I need sleep or whatever." She slid down carefully under the blankets and rolled over. It hurt her arms to lean on them but she didn't care, she didn't want to look at them or for them to look at her anymore. Once she thought everybody had left she sat up. She shrieked when she saw Daniel standing at the end of the bed. "Jeez, Daniel!" She shifted and pulled the blankets up, it was impossible to get comfortable in the lumpy hospital bed.

"Sorry," He smiled weakly. The smile disappeared weakly. "God, I'm so sorry. I couldn't get past all those people, you were there and then you weren't. I tried looking for you Sophie, I looked everywhere. I tried all the doors-Oh god one of the doors were locked, I should have kicked it down." He ran his fingers through his hair roughly. "I'm so-"

"Shh," Sophie interrupted him. "You're sorry, I know. It's okay, it's not your fault." He took steps towards her and took her hand.

"And it's not your fault either. Don't blame yourself Sophie, if it's not anyone's fault it's yours. You're the victim." He stroked the top of her hand soothingly with his thumb. She put their hands to her cheek and closed her eyes. "Sophie, listen to me." 

"I'm listening. It's not my fault etc." She whispered into their hands and kissed his thumb. "Thank you."

"What for?"

"Not nagging at me. Just for being here." Suddenly, his arms were around her and he was hugging her gently.

"I'm not made of glass, you know. I won't break." She smiled faintly into his shoulder. His arms held on tighter and she relaxed in his arms. They fit perfectly. There was a knock at the door and a nurse came in.

Sophie started to pull away but not before Daniel whispered in her ear, "I'll be back." He got up and smiled weakly before he walked out of the door.

"So, how are you feeling, Sophie?" The nurse smiled brightly. Her name tag said her name was Maria and she had an american accent. 

"Fine," Sophie replied, but winced when Maria probed at her bandages.

"Are your arms sore?" She asked lightly.

Sophie nodded.

"Okay, well I'm just going to have a look. The wounds are quite deep so it might take a while for them to heal over. You'll have to be careful when you're moving around in your home, a small bump could cause bleeding." She said as she began to unwrap the bandage on her right arm. There was already a few big red dots on it.

"What do you mean? When am I going home?" 

"Tomorrow morning, maybe tonight. It depends how you're feeling and how the doctor thinks you're doing, honey." She peeled the bandage off and put it down on the bed. She cleaned them then put on a new bandage and moved to the other arm. When she was done, Sophie was gritting her teeth. "Sorry, it stings a bit doesn't it? Don't worry, it'll go away in a while. I'm Maria by the way," She smiled.

"Yeah, I saw your tag," Sophie smiled weakly.

"Oh," Maria looked down and straightened her name tag. "Well I'll come and check on you in a half hour, your family can visit until then," She beamed then twirled out of the room. Brianna and Shontelle came in after her. They were still in their dresses but had swapped their heels for UGG boots. 

"We can't stay long, my dad's picking us up. He'll be here in a minute." Shontelle said. 

"We're going to school tomorrow but we won't tell anybody what happened," Brianna added with a stern look to Shontelle.  She rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, of course I wouldn't say anything. She's one of my best friends. I'd like to show those guys how my heel in their eye feels." Shontelle shot back. She looked away from Brianna and smiled at Sophie faintly. "I hope you get better soon." Just then, Shontelle's phone bleeped. She looked at it than looked up with a disappointed look on her face. "It's my dad. We have to go but I hope you feel better and get better soon. And that they find the bastards. Love you babe!" Shontelle smiled and flicked her hair then strutted out of the room. 

"What she said," Brianna smiled. She came over and hugged her quickly and gently then skipped out of the room after Shontelle, swaying her hips. Daniel came in again and smiled.

"I had to fight your mum to see you. I've only got ten minutes." He sat down on the bed and took her hand.

"I'll stick up for you," She grinned and put his hand to her lips and kissed it. His skin was soft and she put the back of his hand against her cheek. He was nice and warm too. "Mm, stay. You can be my hot water bottle."

"Anything you want," He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. Instinctively, Sophie lifted her head and found his lips. He cupped her head and put a hand on her waist. She flinched and pulled away. Daniel looked over her, panicking. "Are you okay? What hurts?" 

"Nothing," She fake smiled at him. 

"Are you sure?" He peered into her eyes. 

"Yes!" She laughed. He shrugged and leaned forward to kiss her again. She held up a hand in front of his face, "Actually, I feel a bit thirsty, could you get me a drink?"

"Sure," He smiled and poured out a glass for her. She drank it happily and handed the empty glass back to him. "Better?"

"A lot, thanks," She replied. He reached out a hand and stroked her cheek. He pushed a stray strand of hair away from her eyes and leaned froward and kissed her cheek. Sophie closed her eyes and he kissed her other cheek then her nose. "So-" Daniel interrupted her with a kiss. She as about to break it when she got lost in the softness of his lips. He ran his hands down her back and she had a flashback of last night. 

He ran his fat sweaty hands over her legs and under her dress. She screamed but he thrust his hand over her mouth. She dug her nails in his wrists as he held her down and he spat on her.

"Bitch." He slapped her and slid his hands under her back and pulled her towards him. The pain was so intense she passed out..  

Suddenly she was crying into Daniels shoulder. "Stop, please stop. Don't do this to me," She sobbed and screamed. Maria came in looking  panicked and was followed by and overly panicked Louise. "Please make him stop," She begged them. Daniel had gotten up now.

"I swear I didn't harm her. We were..kissing and I put my hands on her back and she started crying." He sounded worried. Louise went over to Sophie and put her arms around her. She started rocking and Louise's shoulder as covered in mascara. 

"It's okay baby. Shh Sh Sh, you're okay. You're perfect. Shh," Louise soothed and rubbed Sophie's back.

People kept telling Sophie that, that everything would be okay and that she was fine. But she didn't feel fine. She felt horrible. Everything was falling apart. Her world was crumbling from the inside and no one could see.

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