When In Vietnam...

A feel good comedy about six teenagers who set off to Vietnam in their gap years to go and "Find Themselves".


2. James.

Oh, Sweet Jesus.

When the "Big Man" clicked his fingers and 'Poof' the world was created (a choice that has made a lot of people angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move), why on Earth did he make people who were female? It's even worse when they're rich. It's even worse when you're friends with a fifty year old man you met on the internet who wants you to go to Vietnam to get stuck with one.

For life.

For money.

"James." I knew he was about to say something bad. He never says my name if he's asking me if I want another cold cuppa or something like that. "I was looking at your school's website and I came across this," He was pointing at the Vietnam trip.

"You could find yourself", he sang, a smile growing in the corner of his mouth.

I looked at him in the eye, my mind racing around trying to think of a decent comeback. Sadly, my comeback head was on holiday, so the best I could do was the slightly blunt, "Screw you"

I'd heard about the Vietnam trip. Rumor had it that it involved girls. And spiders. Vietnamese spiders.

"What if I told you that it was a chance to get rich? More computers than you need," He paused dramatically to lift one eyebrow "Unlimited World of Warcraft  subscription."

I could feel my ears perking up. Curiosity killed James Hardy.


"Holly Davis."


"The girl in your school. The rich one. Seems fairly snobbish."

"She's female." Case dismissed.

"Well done James, good boy!"

His sarcasm was the common kind, but on point. It was quite brilliant. I laughed unconvincingly. "How do you know about her?"


"I used to date her mother."

Wait... What?

"..." I screamed, "Her mother is my teacher!"

"I know"


Brendan shuddered.

"Wrinkles... Everywhere," He muttered.

My turn to shudder.


On one hand sat girls, Vietnam and spiders. On the other, World of Warcraft subscription.

I had to hand it to Brendan, it was no contest. I agreed.


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