When In Vietnam...

A feel good comedy about six teenagers who set off to Vietnam in their gap years to go and "Find Themselves".


1. Brendan.

James is a good kid, and I only want the best for him.

Not a lot of kids would want to stay in touch with a fifty year old man they met on the internet, but the small guy has stuck with me (bless him). He visits me regularly and we always have a chat and a cuppa. Or two cuppas. Never any biscuits though. He's got a terrible stomach, and no one likes sitting and talking to someone with the smell of stale fart in the air. No matter how nice they are.

I watch out for him. He doesn't always appreciate it, the cow, but we have a bit of banter and a few good laughs.

So I was sitting on the sofa waiting for him to come round, scratching my bum and with an absent mind looking at his school website, when I found an interesting page:




Students who want to take a risk, and a gap year, apply to go to Vietnam! Grab this opportunity quickly, as it works on a  first come first served basis. This trip is organized by the school, however no staff will be accompanying students on the trip. See the sights, experience the culture and all for such amazing value!

Click here for further details.

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