No more chances.

Katie meets Daniel and they fall in love straight away. Yet, Katie thinks she knows Dan from before and he can read her thoughts, he is secretive and knows a lot more than he lets on. Basically, Katie is a girl with a gift but this gift can turn into a weapon very quickly. She has lived more than once and this is her sixteenth time. Every sixteenth birthday Katie appears in front of a court of ‘creatures; and is given a choice between three boys, the one she picks will be in her life the next time (she has always picked Dan because she always falls in love with him). But, now on her sixteenth time she will get one choice but no more chances, the decision she makes will stay and the people she doesn’t pick will disappear or die. Shaq has always been there as he is one of the leading creature’s toy but Shaq has his own people to make sure that Katie makes the decision he wants and needs. Katie and Dan’s relationship is tested when an ex-‘people’ of Shaq’s turns up to try and cause tensio


2. Welcome to Westgate High.

It all started as I walked through the aging corridors of Westgate High coming back from the summer holidays. I counted the classrooms as I passed them to reach my tutor, all looking the same dreary room as before. I was now officially a

year ten student finishing my GCSE course, yes it may sound boring but that is my life. Tom (my best friend since

we meet at the age of three and have been joined at the hip since) was waiting outside our new tutor room with the

rest of the tutor group as I reached the door, when we saw our tutor Miss Brooketon with a lanky, pale skinned boy

that we had been told about last year and he was new to the area. I heard the “popular” girls behind me squeal at

how hot he was. The strangest thing was that I felt like I knew him or had met him before, a relationship I could not

remember? “Okay class, this is Daniel Kingsdale and he has moved down from Cornwall. Be nice to him and help

him find his way, help him fit into this crazy school! Katelynn, please look after him seeing as you are the only

sensible one here!” Tom poked me and winked, I knew Daniel was looking right at me but I just couldn’t look him

in the face… I didn’t hear anything else Miss Brooketon or anyone else was saying as Daniel placed himself in

the empty seat next to me and just sat there trying not to look at me as I just heard him whisper, “No, we haven’t

met before, so don’t ask, okay?” I was so shocked that he knew what I was thinking that I forgot how to speak,

so just nodded. He looked more relaxed after that and just dazed into mid-air. “Stand up behind your desks and

check your uniforms please 9-05!” Miss Brooketon said politely and it made me jump, I must have lost track of time. “Katelynn Hill, remember to take Daniel with you to your first lesson, which is maths with Mr Jenkinson. I have told

him about Daniel so he knows, okay?” She said walking over to me and checking my uniform as I left. “Okay Miss.”

I replied, while pointing to Daniel the direction we needed to go. “Bye Katie, see you in history next lesson!” Tom

explained as he gave me a hug and went towards his lesson. I was so annoyed that I snapped at Daniel, “Let’s get

going then!” I was thinking that I couldn’t believe Tom was jealous of HIM! “I’m not that bad… you don’t even know me,

don’t judge a book by its cover!” Daniel announced with a bitter tone as he walked on.

“How do you do that? I mean knowing what I am thinking!” I replied astonished that once again he knew what I was

thinking and answered my thoughts.

“It’s complicated! Just leave it and it won’t happen again.” He replied sharply not trying to look at me and no more conversation or eye contact was made. We carried walking in silence until we reached our maths class. “We’re here.”

I said as I stopped and opened the door trying to forget what he said. He pushed passed me and started to enter the classroom. “You must be Daniel Kingsdale, I am Mr Jenkinson and I will most likely be your maths teacher for the

whole year and next!” Mr Jenkinson explained as I took my seat next to Matt Johnson (a hot jock what I went out

with in Year eight). “Hey Katie girl, looking sexier than ever!” He said as I put my bag on the floor and got my books

out ready to start class. “Thanks Matt! Wait until your girlfriend hears you said that, she’ll be one happy bunny!”

“You can say what you want because I am going to dump her… for another girl!” He replied sharply but the last bit was

in a flirty voice.

“Don’t even bother asking me because it will be a big NO, N-O and you know it!” I explained to him as Mr Jenkinson

set us the work and placed Daniel in front of me and Matt. I watched Daniel as he sat down wondering if he was a

total jerk like Matt but I really couldn’t see it. “I won’t waste my time then. I had it all planned out, a romantic dinner

and a stroll along the beach but Oh well!” He announced and smirked when Daniel looked around, “sorry mate,

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but she is mine!”

“My feelings are not hurt by a person like you and there is no need to feel like hitting him in the face Katie!” Daniel

answered politely then turned towards the front and carried on with his work.

“I am very sorry to make you think I was to hurt your feelings, Cornwall freak!” Matt snapped just as the bell went for

our second lesson.

“Come on Daniel, you have geography next and that is on the way to my history.” I explained to him as he followed me

out of the room and holding the door for me.

“Okay can I…” Daniel got gut off mid-sentence by Matt pushing past us and saying, “bye Cornwall freak!” For the rest

of the walk we were quiet until we reached his history room and he slowly passed me a piece of paper before walking

into the bustling classroom. I carried on walking a few steps, then stopped and opened the folded paper note and

it said:


I want to explain but I can’t!

Love Dan x ^-^/

“Hey Katie, how was maths?” Tom said as he came up to me, which made me jump as I quickly hid the note in my

blazer pocket, and he gave me a hug.

“Couldn’t have been any worse. Matt meet Daniel let’s just leave it at that, shall we?” I replied while poking him to

turn round and walk to our history class. We were walking towards the class, and Tom replied, “Oh god, I can

imagine it poor you and poor Daniel… god! What an introduction to the school!” We carried on walking to history,

and then reached the classroom the same time our teacher Miss Wallgrove came along the corridor. “Hello Tom

and Katelynn, how was your summer?” Miss Wallgrove questioned as Tom held the door open for her. “It was

great thank you miss!” I replied politely for the both of us.

“Thank you Tom and that’s good I use to love summer at your age!” She replied while putting the books and various

folders on her desk. “Come on Katie, let’s sit down!” Tom commanded and I took my usual seat next to him at

the front. “Now class, today we will be doing a practice exam question about a key feature of the cold war.” Miss

Wallgrove explained to us and you could tell most of us were as bored as a baby with no toys! “Miss, do we really

have to?” Jess Mogrow (a brown haired, tall and skinny girl in my tutor) complained! She was one of those girls

that was so ditsy and was a brunette Barbie. “Yes Jessica because it gives you good practice for your real exam.

You for one Jessica have a target grade of an A* so don’t push your luck miss!” Miss replied straight away and the

whole class was shocked that Jess had such a high target grade; she was a typical blonde bimbo. I could tell by one

look at Tom that he was jealous and deep down I had that sting of jealously as well but mainly I felt confused about

Daniel’s letter. I’m guessing he means how he knows what I am thinking and what was with the littler devil-like

symbol, it was mysterious and muddled me completely. “Are you okay Katie?” Tom questioned sweetly and

worriedly, “you kinda zoned out, are you in shock or something?”

“I’m fine Tom, I was just thinking about something. It is just so confusing!” I replied while squeezing his hand to reassure him.

“Ssshhhh Thomas and Katelynn. Next time I talk to you both you will being getting a lunch time detention!” Miss Wallgrove announced and both of us were shocked by her sudden mood swing.

After about ten minutes of work and thinking about Daniel’s letter Tom passed me a note: ‘WHAT WERE YOU

THINKING ABOUT?’ I looked at him and smiles suddenly feeling a wave of comfort sweeping through me.

I replied just saying: ‘A NOTE I GOT FROM DANIEL K! THANK YOU FOR CARING THOUGH BUT IT IS OKAY NOW! <3x’ I passed the note back and waited to see his expression but he didn’t change one bit and he scribbled a reply, then

passes it to my waiting hands. The reply was one word: ‘OKAY’ however that one word made me feel safe and

secure, also I know had a peace of mind. I returned back to answering my second question and finally understood

how the layout of the question worked, as well the way I needed to answer it. I carried on answering the question and

twenty minutes later Miss Wallgrove announced that it was break time and that our homework was to finish off

the practice exam question. I felt relieved it was break and had twenty five minutes until I.T with my horrifying

and daunting I.T teacher Mr Roberts. “Katie lets go canteen! I need to find my brother quickly.” Tom once again

commanded and Tom’s brother was in the year above us, he was the complete opposite of Tom. Tom takes after

his mother and her nature, yet Darren takes after Tom’s dad who has been in prison since Tom was three and

a half. Tom is nice, kind, caring and smart, on the other hand every family has a rude child and that is Darren, he is:

rude, insensitive, a jerk, a player and selfish! I suddenly remembered one thing that can save me, “Daniel asked me

to meet him at tutor!” I explained with an apologetic look on my face, “Sorry, I can’t leave him to get lost!”

“It’s okay Katie, I know you mean well!” Tom replied while walking in the opposite direction to me without giving me

a hug. I could tell he was annoyed by this but what could I do? I couldn’t leave Daniel to get lost. “Katie, I didn’t

think you would come!” Daniel said the minute he saw me and looked behind me, “no Tom, have you had

an argument?”

“I don’t want the new boy getting lost on his first day, do I? Tom had to speak to his brother about something, so

no Tom!” I replied sweetly with a touch of a flirtatious voice half way through.

“Good good, that means I can talk to you alone and get to know you!” Daniel said confidently without hesitation like

Tom would have.

“So what do you want to speak about then?” I replied shyly.

“Well, I want to explain a lot to you but it is way too soon for that!” Daniel complained while taking hold of my hand, it

felt like a normal action meaning I didn’t pull away. How was he?

“First of all you can explain the devil-like symbol on your letter?” I questioned remembering the symbol at the end of

the letter confusing me.

“It’s my symbol and that reminds me! I’ve got you a necklace to wear.” He replied and bought out a necklace with a

red stone, a ruby, with the symbol on it, “please wear it, please.”

“I… I… I will and thank you it is lovely but why?” I replied really shocked wondering why he gave me such a lovely

piece of jewellery and without realising what I was doing, I didn’t know him but I didn’t want him to go away… ever!

“It will protect you from anything that tries to hurt you and… that could be me!” He replied while doing it up for me.

“It’s lovely, I will wear it always!” I promised and gave him a hug.

“I hope you will and you are probably expecting this but will you go out with me? I know we just met but I do really love

you, I can keep you safe!” Daniel explained just as the bell went for next lesson. I couldn’t believe that he just said

he loved me after knowing me for less than three hours but I longed for him to pay attention to me an d I knew that

I had met him before somehow, I had to mention it.

“We have I.T next, come on! It’s this way and yes, I know what you mean I feel like I know you!” I said shyly and kissed

him on the check. Daniel and I walked in perfect silence with a mysterious grin on both our faces. We reached the

I.T room just as I saw out the corner of my eye Tom and Darren. “Hide!” I said urgently to Daniel with a pleading

glance and he moved away without one question. He got away just as Tom saw me and walked over, gave me a

hug then said, “hey Katie, did you meet up with Daniel then and I think you lost him!” I looked around, then

explained to him that Daniel’s class already went in. “I saw your brother so I guess you spoke to him then!”

“Yeah, just a brother to brother chat, lol!” He replied as I smelt an odour of cigarettes and chewing gum, so I knew Mr Roberts was near. A few seconds later I saw an average size man with a beard walk past and I knew it was our

I.T teacher right away. “Okay class, go to your normal seats and we will be sharing with Mr Shaw and his class.

Best behaviour at all times is expected.” Mr Roberts announced while the whole class rushed to get a computer!

“Katie!” I heard a faint voice say and looked round to see Dan waving like a total mug with two empty seats

next to him. I nudged Tom and said, “There are two spare seats next to Dan over there!” I pointed in the direction

to sit with his brother and his mates. I took the hint and made my way over to Dan alone, I felt really sad that Tom

would pick his brother over me, it was quite shocking I have to admit! “Hey Katie, where is Tom?” Dan questioned sympathetically as I took my seat next to him also shrugged in response to his question! “Oh okay, does

he know or not? Also why did you want me to hide when you saw Tom?” He replied while taking hold of my hand

under the desk.

“No, he doesn’t know well I think he doesn’t. Also I told you to hide because Tom was with his older brother and he

is a complete jerk! I think that’s the nicest way to put it!” I replied while gripping his hand and logging in to

my computer.

“What so you don’t want to me to meet him. Because if you don’t you might want to turn around!” He replied quietly

at the same time as dropping my hand and moving his in the direction of Darren I was guessing. I turned around

and Dan was right Darren was walking this way. It felt like a little part of me died when he came near me

and Tom could normally fix that but I’ve lost Tom, no I have Dan! “Hey sexy, long time no speak! How’s

my bros’ favourite girl?” Darren announced when he was about a metre away from us!

“Hi Darren, I’m fine thank you, yourself? You should know more about your brother than I do!” I replied pleasantly,

I had played this game before with him and knew how he would end it, it would either be a too good to be true or

I’m going to make you regret that way, what one? “I have been better and yeah I should but you know how

my brother and I are, don’t you babe!” He replied while I felt Dan tense next to me.

“Yeah typical brothers you two are and what’s the matter?” I said calmly while sneaking Dan a reassuring look.

“My brother thinks he is losing his girl babe. That makes me hate the boy who is taking you away from

him!” Darren replied while staring at Dan and clenching his fists.

“Look Darren, I love Tom but he knows I always help new people.  I miss him incredibly and…” I trailed

off too close to tears, looking in the direction of Tom pleadingly. “Just tell him that please for me!” Darren

nodded and turned back in the direction he came.

“Katie, I didn’t know you missed Tom so much… we don’t have to go out if it hurts you too much!” Dan

explained pleadingly. To stop him I kissed him in the middle of the I.T suite and whispered ‘I love you truly and

I don’t want to lose you ever,’ then pulled away from him because people were turning around.

“I love you too and I will never let you go Katie! I love you forever!” Dan replied while pulling away and smiling

like a maniac. We carried on with our work and everyone ignored us except for two sets of eyes, Toms and

Darren’s. Tom’s eyes were sadness however Darren’s were just hatred.

About fifty minutes later Mr Roberts announced it was the end of the lesson. I quickly told Dan, “if you love

me you will go to medical and be asked to be sent home, and then meet me after school at the park across

the road, okay?”

“Bye Katie!” He said in reply and I knew he understood. Dan left and about ten seconds later Darren came up to and announced, “Oit slag! Tom wants you, you whore!” I looked away from Darren and met Tom’s sad gaze. “Katie…” is

all Tom said until I was in his arms with me crying like a little baby. All I could say was I am sorry, I said it

over and over again until Tom whispered, “I understand Katie! I am sorry too for the way I acted and of

course Darren.”

“Don’t say sorry you have nothing to apologize for, please don’t. I love you but I love him too!” I replied as sweetly

as humanly possible. He didn’t reply and just carried on hugging me until I stopped crying then he said,

“Look Katie even though it hurts to see you with Dan I will get over it. We can be best friends like before! Come

on let’s get to science, okay?”

“Okay Tom. Thank you by the way and we have Miss Smith for science,” I replied while thinking about Dan

and a flash of fear hit me like a bullet. Please don’t let Dan get hurt! “Come one then Katie, do

you want to get a detention?” Tom said firmly while starting to walk to science so that in the end I

had to run after him. “Of course not, that would mean spending my own time with that old bag. Definitely

not a good idea seeing as she knows my mum, come on!” I explained while making Tom hold

my Spanish and drama folders.

“Yeah I know! That would be living hell!” Tom announced as we reached Miss Smith’s classroom just as the

class was going in. “Get to your seats class and get your equipment out right away, chop chop!” Miss Smith

commanded and I straight away knew it would be a lesson near death!

An hour later Miss Smith ordered us to pack away our things and leave her classroom quickly! We were all

clever enough to what we were told and get out without any detentions being handed out. “Well that was

fun huh matt?” said Josh (another jock).

“Yeah course mate, she is well peng but…” Matt replied while walking up to me, “not as peng as you, Katie girl!”

I just looked at him in a playful way and walked up away with Tom. As I left I heard Josh say, “Mate, you just got

done!” This made me want to laugh but I didn’t because I saw Darren, I thought to myself this should be fun!

“Hey whore, heard you and my brother are mates again?” Darren announced in a resentful but questioning

way and I replied, “yes but it has nothing to do with you, so you know fuck off and leave me alone you self-centred

douche bag!” The minute I said this Darren’s face dropped into a state of shock and I straight away knew I had

won this time! Feeling proud of myself I carried on making my way to Tom who with a big grin welcomed me

with open arms. “I heard what you said to Darren,” he said explained and my face suddenly dropped, “don’t

look so scared he deserved it after all!”

“Oh… ummm okay then, as long as you’re not angry with me for calling him a self-centred douche bag?” I replied

while smiling back at him, “also I told Dan to go home!”

“No, I don’t mind! Why?” Tom questioned while his expression changed to a worried glance in no time at all. I

suddenly felt confused again he must know why! “Because I didn’t want him to get hurt because I kissed him and

admitted I loved him in front of about eighty or so boys and girls… and your brother!” I said angrily, trying to make

Tom was hard.

“Oh right! I get it and thinking about it that is probably a good idea for him to avoid the school for a bit!” Tom said

sternly and he only said that because he knew what Darren and any hangers-on would want to do to him!

“I know. Please try and stop your brother for me please!” I begged him and his face suddenly changed, from

that moment on I knew he was determined to do so. He would have replied but at that exact moment Matt

came over and said sarcastically, “you kiss a Cornwall freak but not me babe, I feel offended Katie-girl! You

know I’m a good kisser; all I’m asking for is one kiss. A single kiss and I will happily leave you alone.” The

only thing I had in reply to such a snobbish comment was, “over my dead body Matty-boy!” Tom sniggered

as he pulled me away while Matt just stood there dumbfounded. I felt a flash of attainment run through

after saying that. “That was very impressive Katie, I am unbelievably glad that you like me!” Tom proudly

explained due in giving me a bear hug, until I started gasping for air then he let me down. “Why wouldn’t

I like you Tom? You’re the most caring and friendliest teenage boy I have ever met!” I admitted while feeling quite embarrassed for some unknown reason, I mean it is only Tom after all? “Thanks Katie, but a bad point is I am

related to that pig-headed idiot,” Tom replied as Darren and his crew shoved passed nearly knocking me off


“That isn’t your fault; everyone has a ‘bad’ child. I just need to go to the loo quickly, wait for me.” I explained

while walking towards the girl’s loo. I opened the door to the fourth toilet after inspecting the others and seeing

them in a dreadful state, when I heard a faint but clear voice, ‘Katie… can you hear me? It’s Dan.’ I was so shocked

I nearly collapsed on the spot, I steadied myself just as I heard this voice again, ‘it’s complicated… I have a lot

to explain but now is NOT the time! I just need you to get Tom and anyone else you care about out of the school

NOW! After that meet me at the park over the road in ten minutes tops. Go!’ I still couldn’t understand how that

happened, but the only thing on my mind was to get Tom and my little brother Robbie as far away as possible

from the school, like Dan said. I ran out of the toilet and started to drag Tom towards the front playground where

the lower school students went at breaks. Tom asked no question, I knew from then that I had my emotions

on my face. “Robbie!” I yelled the minute I saw my brother about ten metres away. “Robbie… Robbie!” Robbie

ran over swept his hazelnut-brown mop hair out of his eyes, high-fived Tom and questioned impatiently,

“yeah what?”

“Come with me now!” I ordered then turned to Tom, who still didn’t understand why I was acting so strangely,

“call Darren to meet you at the front school gates right now!” At that exact moment I heard screaming and the fire

bells ring through what felt like a hushed school. I started to panic and pointed in the direction of the school gates

unable to speak. They obeyed as their faces dropped, none of us understood what had happened but we knew

we had to get away.

We reached the school gates the same time as Darren. He stopped high-fived Robbie, which made me flinch at the sound, then high-fived Tom as he glared at me, “thanks for saving me slag.” Is all he said as he mockingly punched Robbie’s arm making me once again flinch. “You’re welcome jerk,” I replied sharply then turned to Robbie and Tom, “stay here I just need to go somewhere!” They both nodded and as I started to run I heard Darren mutter, ‘idiots!’

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