No more chances.

Katie meets Daniel and they fall in love straight away. Yet, Katie thinks she knows Dan from before and he can read her thoughts, he is secretive and knows a lot more than he lets on. Basically, Katie is a girl with a gift but this gift can turn into a weapon very quickly. She has lived more than once and this is her sixteenth time. Every sixteenth birthday Katie appears in front of a court of ‘creatures; and is given a choice between three boys, the one she picks will be in her life the next time (she has always picked Dan because she always falls in love with him). But, now on her sixteenth time she will get one choice but no more chances, the decision she makes will stay and the people she doesn’t pick will disappear or die. Shaq has always been there as he is one of the leading creature’s toy but Shaq has his own people to make sure that Katie makes the decision he wants and needs. Katie and Dan’s relationship is tested when an ex-‘people’ of Shaq’s turns up to try and cause tensio


8. Out of the blue.


I sat on my bed and examined my bruise not understanding how big it was, I brought out my phone to text Tom when I heard knocking at my window, and I walked over to see Harry’s face peering in. I opened my window and Harry jumped in smoothly landing right up close to me, I felt quite shocked why Harry was here after the disaster of last night. “Hey babe, why aren't you at school? You bunking, you naughty girl?” Harry announced flirting with me as I stepped away. “Hey yourself, I’m not bunking, I’m an A* grade student. I have hurt my ankle so my mum said I should take the day off and rest it!” I replied flirting back just to please him. He moved closer to me again making there only a few centimeters gap in between us, he knew it was making me uncomfortable, “of course babe, of course!” Harry responded sarcastically.

“Shut up!” I said playfully and gave him a little shove wanting more space to be out between us. “Fine you win! You’re a little angel!” Harry announced and grabbed hold of me and spun me round.

“One word, BOYFRIEND!” I explained and he gave me an unimpressed look and rolled his eyes, “I know but you started flirting with me the minute we met, so you can’t blame your feelings on me!” Harry said with a serious tone and facial expression. I was gobsmacked that he just said that so I quickly responded infuriated, “I did not! What feelings? I have only just met you; right now you’re not even a friend. You are a jerk!”

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