No more chances.

Katie meets Daniel and they fall in love straight away. Yet, Katie thinks she knows Dan from before and he can read her thoughts, he is secretive and knows a lot more than he lets on. Basically, Katie is a girl with a gift but this gift can turn into a weapon very quickly. She has lived more than once and this is her sixteenth time. Every sixteenth birthday Katie appears in front of a court of ‘creatures; and is given a choice between three boys, the one she picks will be in her life the next time (she has always picked Dan because she always falls in love with him). But, now on her sixteenth time she will get one choice but no more chances, the decision she makes will stay and the people she doesn’t pick will disappear or die. Shaq has always been there as he is one of the leading creature’s toy but Shaq has his own people to make sure that Katie makes the decision he wants and needs. Katie and Dan’s relationship is tested when an ex-‘people’ of Shaq’s turns up to try and cause tensio


5. Harry.


“Fine, if it makes you happy! I’ll stay here though don’t want to get caught or anything!” He replied sarcastically and winked at me, I couldn’t be bothered to argue with him, so I left my room. My ankle wasn’t throbbing as much as it did before, yet I still had to limp down the stairs because I was worried to put weight on it without Dan’s support. I made it down the stairs safely, “Robbie, please help me!” I called hoping he would come straight away because now I was in pain! Robbie hurried out of the living room and took hold of me in his arms, “kitchen?” He questioned politely being careful and I slowly nodded in response, then smiled at him… trying to keep a brave face. We made our way to the kitchen as I caught the aroma of my favourite pizza come from behind the closed kitchen door. I suddenly realised Dan was right, I was starving as my tummy gurgled. Robbie pushed opened the door making sure he was still supporting me and I saw my mum in a state of shock as she saw me walk through the kitchen door, “oh hello darling, want something to eat?” She asked as she went to get a plate out of the cupboard facing away from us.  “Yes please but if it is okay can I possibly take it to my room please? I feel really tired and just want to lie down!” I replied as she shoved six slices of pizza and literally trusted it at me. I staggered backwards as Robbie tightened his grip allowing me to regain my balance slightly. “Thank you,” I saw suspiciously feeling quite confused by my mum’s sudden mood change she only has these occasionally but not in a long time. Only when my dad passed away. “Robbie let go of your sister. Don’t crowd her!” Mum snapped but Robbie was very unwilling and instead of loosening his grip he tightened it. “For Christ sake, she can walk!” Mum snapped again giving me the most disgusted glare I had ever received!

“I’m fine Robbie,” I said out load then whispered to him, “go to your room, okay?” He nodded and let go of me. We both left the kitchen and made our way upstairs, Robbie taking hold of me once again. We reached his doorway that was right of the stairs and I gave him a hug, then he passed me my plate what I had completely forgotten about quite honestly. “Mum is just tired after work so it might be better to stay out the way for a bit,” I explained then kissed him goodnight. Robbie shut his door behind him allowing me to give a big sigh and seconds later I was in Dan’s arms once again, “six pieces of pizza all for you? You will get fat babe!” Dan chuckled as he opened my bedroom door pulling me in and shutting it straight after. “Not all for me, to share! I won’t get fat, I already am.” I replied while tapping my tummy and placing the plate on my bedside table.

“Fine babe, if you’re fat I’m overweight!” Dan quietly announced as he put me down on the bed. Then he once again placed himself on the end of my bed like before barely touching me. As I placed the plate down on the end of my plate, I kept remembering my mum snapping at us and she barely ever done that… ever! “What’s up Katie?” Dan questioned stiffly. I looked him in the eyes expecting an angry glare. However I received a glance of sympathy and warmth, I replied softly, “everyone is acting so weird lately it is hard to keep a happy face going!”

“How so?”  Is all Dan replied gently still trying not to touch me? At that moment I felt so isolated and so much so that tears began to collect in my eyes. I sat there as my head fell and tears ran down my face landing on my lap. After I stopped crying I got enough courage to ask, “why do you one minute want to never let me go then the next try your hardest not to touch me?”

Daniel sighed and replied, “I don’t mean to! At some points I see how much pain I have put you through and I don’t want you to be in pain Katie, I…I…I love you!” I was quite confused at what Dan had said but I got my head around it and willing explained to him, “I am only in pain when I don’t feel you near me, it is hard to explain but do you understand?” Dan also looked slightly confused as he caught a stray tear roll down my cheek. “I think I understand but you shouldn’t feel that way because I love you so much I can’t even start to explain it in words. The only way is by…” Dan said then trailed off and his lips met mine. He put his arms around my waist the same time I put my arms around his neck. The kissed showed me exactly what he wanted to show me. I felt his need, his want, how much he loved me, the pain when he can’t see me and just everything! It felt like I had been let into his thoughts and it was petrifying but I wanted more at the same time. I went to pull away but his grip tightened and his lips pressed harder.

Finally I pushed away so I could breathe; I looked up at Dan to see him staring at me smiling. “Do you understand now?” Dan questioned breathlessly, I smiled again then leaned forward for another kiss but he pulled away, “answer me first!”

“I love you more than you love me.” I whispered against his lips and he leaned in and just before we touched he whispered, “Impossible” against my waiting lips. I knew that I was happy and safe with Dan but there was something I didn’t understand…

Everything was like something out of a fairy tale, a happy ending but that could never happen, I heard a knock on my window facing my ever-growing garden, what struck me is Dan didn’t tense but merely pulled away with a massive idiotic smile on his face. “What?” I questioned. I was quite confused by his actions, “Katie, I would like to introduce you to my mate Harry!” Dan announced as he walked over to my window and pulled it open. A small boy with blonde swept hair, with grey, tawny eyes jumped in my window and in a split second he was looking over at me, examining me. “Hey princess, so you’re the famous Katie!” Harry announced politely while bowing. “Hi, harry is it?” I replied, “Sorry but Dan has never mentioned you!” I pointed at him as Dan gave him a side glance and placed himself next to me. “Well thanks a lot mate but seeing as you two are already making out I guess he forgot about little old me!” Harry said sarcastically and Dan punched Harry in the arm, a friendly gesture, I felt really calm and relaxed. “So… what’s up Harry?” Dan questioned as Harry sat down in an oak rocking chair next to the window that was once my grandfather’s. “Umm not much just wanted to see the girl you talk about!” Harry replied cheekily. I felt confused as I have only just meet Dan. Then Harry went, “oh! She don’t know.” Dan glared at him as if he would continue that later and Harry’s lips closed as if they had been zipped up, “it’s complicated angel!” Dan explained briefly and all of us fell silent unsure what to say or do. I yawned and both Dan’s and Harry’s eyes looked at me. “Katie, you’re tired we will leave, so you can sleep in peace.” Dan continued politely as Harry opened my window and jumped out before I could say good-bye. “Why?” I replied wondering why Harry left in such a hurry. It felt strange now that Harry left as if the conversation hadn’t been finished. “We will leave because you are tired and need some rest,” Dan answered again politely and I pointed at the window Harry went out, “oh right, Harry left because he needed to go somewhere angel, nothing to do with you and he doesn’t like doors!” Dan chuckled at the last bit, what I assumed was a private joking and nodded in response as I climb under my duvet letting the warmth and comfort of them surround me. “Don’t leave!” I pleaded half-heartedly as I looked up at Dan who was as well nearing the window to make a quick exit. “You have to sleep; I won’t be too far away I promise. Please just try and sleep! I love you Katie, sleep well!” Dan explained then he came forward and kissed my forehead like my mum use to do to say good night when I was little. I felt upset and thought throwing a tantrum might make him stay, but I decided against it and replied, “Fine, I’ll see you tomorrow. Night I’ll try to sleep, I love you too!” He smiled and climbed out the window, I waited to hear a thump telling me he had really left. I tried to fall asleep, it won’t be easy.

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