No more chances.

Katie meets Daniel and they fall in love straight away. Yet, Katie thinks she knows Dan from before and he can read her thoughts, he is secretive and knows a lot more than he lets on. Basically, Katie is a girl with a gift but this gift can turn into a weapon very quickly. She has lived more than once and this is her sixteenth time. Every sixteenth birthday Katie appears in front of a court of ‘creatures; and is given a choice between three boys, the one she picks will be in her life the next time (she has always picked Dan because she always falls in love with him). But, now on her sixteenth time she will get one choice but no more chances, the decision she makes will stay and the people she doesn’t pick will disappear or die. Shaq has always been there as he is one of the leading creature’s toy but Shaq has his own people to make sure that Katie makes the decision he wants and needs. Katie and Dan’s relationship is tested when an ex-‘people’ of Shaq’s turns up to try and cause tensio


6. Day off.


I woke up to the sensational smell of cinnamon toast and the theme tune of my mum’s favorite radio station. I slowly made my way downstairs and hobbled to the kitchen. I still felt half asleep however Robbie was buzzing for some reason I didn't understand. “Good morning,” I said quietly as I poured mum and I a mug of coffee, I passed it to mum who was standing other the toaster, she smiled and said, “Good morning Hun, how’s the ankle?”

“It hurts a lot when I put pressure on it.” I replied while down at my ankle that was now a dark shade of purple and realizing it still hurt a considerable amount.

“Oh dear, maybe you should take the day off school or you may hurt it more seeing as we have no crutches you could use to support yourself.” My mum suggested and I felt realized that she was so understanding while helping me sit down and fetching me some piping hot cinnamon toast from the toaster. “I guess I should, can I tell Tom to tell him?” I replied after I took a bite out of my toast and burning my tongue in the process. “Of course, his home number is in the phone contact list.” My mum said and Robbie fetched the phone from the living room for me. I smiled at him and found Tom’s home number, “Hello?” I heard Tom’s voice and could tell he had just woken up. “Hi Tom!” I responded.

“Oh hi Katie, how are you?” His voice cheered up a bit when he recognized it was me.

“I’m fine thanks, you?”

“Good, I’m good thanks.”

“Good, I was just calling to tell you I won’t be in school today because my ankle still hurts from yesterday!”

“Oh right, okay. Hope it gets better, do you want me to bring you my books after school so you can get the notes?”

“Yes please. If it won’t cause you any trouble and could you possibly tell Dan as well if you see him please!”

“It’s not a problem and sure if I see him I will.”

“Thank you Tom, I owe you!”

“You do and I won’t forget it!”

“I know you won’t, bye!”

“Okay, bye… I love you!” Then I heard the dial tone before I could reply and I felt upset that I was obviously hurting Tom but honestly I loved Dan so there was a side of me that hated him. “Katie?” Robbie shouted from outside the kitchen.

“Yes Robbie, what’s the matter?” I shouted in response as he walked through the kitchen door, “do you know where my phone is?” I thought about it for a second, and then responded, “In the hall on the table near the door!” I was sure it was there because that is where he usually dumps things. “Thank you,” he said as he hugged me then he left I heard the door click behind him, as I finished my toast even though it was cold by then I decided I should get dress because I felt uncomfortable in my pajamas   When I got upstairs I straight away got in the shower to use the last of the hot water. I picked up my towel, wrapped it around me, so I wouldn't get cold and made my way to my bedroom still limping. I got dressed in black, Reebok trackies, a white Hollister top and an old dark blue jumper of Tom’s that I stole from him six months ago. 

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