No more chances.

Katie meets Daniel and they fall in love straight away. Yet, Katie thinks she knows Dan from before and he can read her thoughts, he is secretive and knows a lot more than he lets on. Basically, Katie is a girl with a gift but this gift can turn into a weapon very quickly. She has lived more than once and this is her sixteenth time. Every sixteenth birthday Katie appears in front of a court of ‘creatures; and is given a choice between three boys, the one she picks will be in her life the next time (she has always picked Dan because she always falls in love with him). But, now on her sixteenth time she will get one choice but no more chances, the decision she makes will stay and the people she doesn’t pick will disappear or die. Shaq has always been there as he is one of the leading creature’s toy but Shaq has his own people to make sure that Katie makes the decision he wants and needs. Katie and Dan’s relationship is tested when an ex-‘people’ of Shaq’s turns up to try and cause tensio


12. Again.


I woke up and still felt Dan’s arms lightly round me; I carefully turned round to face him. He was still in a deep sleep still, snoring lightly as his chest rose and fell. He was the cutest thing I have ever set eyes on then I carefully kissed his motionless lips. As I pulled away his eyes fluttered open, “morning my angel!” Dan said before he yawned and stretched, not taking his eyes of me at all.
“Good morning sunshine,” I replied and kissed him again impatiently.
“Sorry honey, do you want something?” Dan teased as he pulled me close and kissed me before I could reply and argue my point. “You look so beautiful even if you do have bed hair!” Dan explained as he winked at me wanting to argue back knowing I would lose in the long run.
“Shh… busy kissing!” I whispered against his lips.

We pulled away breathless once again, I felt so happy. Having Dan in my life made everything more perfect than ever before for the first time since my dad passed away I felt complete. I went to get off my bed so I could get dressed but Dan stopped me, “you are just so irresistible!” he groaned, “it isn't fair! I want you and never want to let you go ever!”
“Diddums! I am all yours babe, it’s Saturday! No school for two days!” I explained with gratitude that it was finally the weekend even after only one day at school for me this week and the first week of school was over and done with, it was probably the most hectic week I have had in a while I must say. “Two whole days with you, forty-eight perfect hours!” Dan said as he got off my bed and stretched.
“I know but you need to eat and change your clothes first!” I replied I didn't want him to feel cluttered with me 24/7.
“I’d rather spend it with you babe,” He responded politely and willingly.
“Really? I think you’d get bored of me eventually!”
“Impossible, we can always think of ways to make it more interesting,” he replied cheekily as he grabbed me and bite my beck lightly.
“Dirty,” I squealed while laughing.
“You love it!” He said and done his no signature wink.
“I love you Dan,” I said then kissed him on his cheek and walked out my room to the bathroom. Were now every time I saw my reflection a smile was spread across my face thanks to that one boy sitting in my room waiting for me. I slowly realized what Dan meant about me having bed hair, I quickly pulled it off my fair and tied it back, then pulled on my sweats ready for a relaxing with my perfect boyfriend. I picked up my pajamas from the floor and made my way back to my room with my toothbrush in my mouth. I opened the door expecting to be welcomed by Dan’s arms but all I could see was a note on my bed. I picked it up and it read: 10 minutes angel! <3

I put away my pajamas and made my way downstairs to find out I had also been left by my mum and brother. I walked to the living room and turned the telly on to ‘friends’, one of my favorite shows. Just as I was about the make myself a cup of coffee the doorbell rang and it echoed through the deserted house. I answered the door to see Dan sweating lightly, “I was only seven minutes!” Dan panted as he walked into my house and I closed the door behind him.
“That was probably the longest seven minutes of my life!” I complained as I put my arms round his neck.
“Sorry angel, I’m back now and won’t leave until I really have to.” Dan explained and I kissed him roughly, so when we pulled apart he was more out of breath than before. He hugged me tight and I could tell something was wrong. “What’s up?” I asked hoping he wasn't in any type of pain.
“It’s a long story for another time but right now I need a drink, I feel so dehydrated,” Dan responded and I felt a bit better knowing he would tell me later. I let go of him and walked in to the kitchen. As I was pouring a glass of water for Dan, who had already gone to collapse in the living room, I saw a note and forty pounds on the side. I read the note, which basically said my mum and brother had went away for the weekend and I could invite Tom and Darren round for dinner and a sleepover if I wanted to. After I read the note I made my way to the living room to see Dan sitting on the single settee and couldn't make eye contact with me. I placed his water in front of him and sat down on the double sofa. I texted Tom and Darren saying they could both come round for dinner if they were free. I put my phone away and still Dan didn't make any effort to speak to me, I put friends on again and blanked Dan like I didn't care. However, I truthfully wanted him to take me in his arms, so we could cuddle up and forget everything… that didn't happen!

After watching three friends’ episodes and Dan still not talking to me, I looked at my phone to see both Tom and Darren saying they would come over for a pizza night. I then looked through my contacts hoping to see someone who would be able to help me out, I saw Harry’s number appear and I was shocked but pushed that aside knowing he could probably get Dan talking, so I text him. ‘Something’s wrong with Dan, come and talk to him.’ I hesitated then sent it and waited for a reply. About five minutes later, my doorbell rang loud and clear and went to answer it. Harry walked in and went to the living room, shutting the door closely behind him. I closed the front door as I sighed and walked into the kitchen, to make myself a sandwich and a cup of tea. I ate my sandwich and thought whether I had done anything wrong to cause Dan to give me the silent treatment… I couldn't think of anything recently! I put my cup and plate in the dishwasher, scribbled a note saying I was going to Tom’s and to text me when they want me back for anyone who actually cared. I grabbed my phone off the side and my coat, and then left the house without a goodbye. Walked past my living room window to see Harry looking at me with a pleading look but I looked away and carried on walking. Thinking that wasn't the person I wanted to see, I felt glum and unwanted as I reached Tom’s house that was only ten minutes away. When I reached the porch I knocked on the door as tears began to fall down my cheeks. The door opened and I fell into Tom’s arms, “Katie?” His voice was music to my ears, I sniffed against his chest as the tears carried on falling whether I wanted them to or not. Tom held me close, soothing me like I was a little baby in his arms. I stopped crying, took a deep steady breath and pulled away from Tom’s arms; I looked into his eyes seeing sorrow and worry, I tried to fake a smile of reassurance but was unable to. “What’s happened Katie?” He questioned looking me deeply in the eyes and I sighed heavily unwilling to explain. I knew by the way he looked at me he guessed it was something to do with Dan and by his reaction I knew it was going to hurt him to talk about it. “Oh don’t worry, just need a big cry and you’re the only boy who cares about me truly!” I responded telling a little white lie and he smiled, I knew he was happy that Dan wasn't mentioned. It worried me by how Tom reacted but I pushed that aside and followed him into the living room. When I walked in, I saw Darren and a friend of his, Jack hogging the sofa. “Hey sweet thang,” Darren said in a cheesy American accent that made me laugh.
“Hey Darren and friend,” I responded as I squished my way in between them both as Tom had taken the other chair.
“How are you?” He questioned as he put his arm around me, a basic routine for us but now it felt safer for some reason.

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