No more chances.

Katie meets Daniel and they fall in love straight away. Yet, Katie thinks she knows Dan from before and he can read her thoughts, he is secretive and knows a lot more than he lets on. Basically, Katie is a girl with a gift but this gift can turn into a weapon very quickly. She has lived more than once and this is her sixteenth time. Every sixteenth birthday Katie appears in front of a court of ‘creatures; and is given a choice between three boys, the one she picks will be in her life the next time (she has always picked Dan because she always falls in love with him). But, now on her sixteenth time she will get one choice but no more chances, the decision she makes will stay and the people she doesn’t pick will disappear or die. Shaq has always been there as he is one of the leading creature’s toy but Shaq has his own people to make sure that Katie makes the decision he wants and needs. Katie and Dan’s relationship is tested when an ex-‘people’ of Shaq’s turns up to try and cause tensio


1. I don't believe in love.

In every movie I watch there is always a love story, a romance. No, this isn’t a cliché. Honestly, I have never believed in love

at first sight even with my parents that “fell head over heels for each other”, it all sounds like a joke to me… love at first

sight doesn’t really happen, does it? Okay Katie, think straight. I may be seen as an average girl at my school, Westgate

High but I’m not I have a past… more than anyone else except for them. It is amazing how one thing can change your whole

life in such a way you can’t stop reliving that moment in time, that special place. For me, it is the complete opposite I can’t

even remember my past or anything about the lives I once lived. No! I am not a cat. I do not have nine lives, I have sixteen.

 I always have a choice that may or may not affect my next life in ways that are unknown but they still happen. The council thought I was on a loop for the first few times but now they are as confused as ever, am I weapon or a creature they have

never come across. I am human. I go on and on about saying I won’t fall in love but in every life I do for the same boy with

a similar gift to mine… Daniel Kingsdale. I may try to forget him but I always fall for him, is it loves at first sight or just a

sick, twisted trick preventing me from loving the right one? Am I in a fairy tale with a happy ending or an endless nightmare?

It will all become clear as my sixteenth time will be my last.

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