The ghost

I never told my dad about Alex, he was my secret. Dad wouldn't approve of Alex because he has no mummy and daddy. One time I told him that I had no mummy. He just looked a bit sad. He always looks like that, a bit sad... He's my special friend though, and even though he leaves me, I know he'll always come back.

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6. Forever and always


The next nights I sat on the beach eating fish with my dad, and the sea gulls flocked over our heads. I knew Alex wasn't coming, but the sound of them was comforting. Me and my dad were friends now. He said he was sorry. I don't know why, I didn't ask. I was happy, Dad was happy, and I knew in my heart, Alex and mum were happy too. That was all I cared about, all that mattered...

I told dad this, as we chucked bits of bread into the ocean, and the birds surrounded us, More than I've ever seen before! My dad was surprised and asked me how I knew about Alex, I told him, I had figured it out on my own. Alex wouldn't mind. My dad gave up tiredly, and started to tell

me how Alex died. But I didn't want too know. "We have all the time in the world" My dad sighed, resigning. So we smiled and carried on chucking bread into the ocean for the rest of the night. There was no sun, but that didn't matter, because I didn't need strips of heaven any more. I had my own heaven.

The end

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