The ghost

I never told my dad about Alex, he was my secret. Dad wouldn't approve of Alex because he has no mummy and daddy. One time I told him that I had no mummy. He just looked a bit sad. He always looks like that, a bit sad... He's my special friend though, and even though he leaves me, I know he'll always come back.

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4. being saved


9:00, Thursday (Two hours later)

"Swing your leg over, Jo, You can do it Jo" My dads voice was screamed from far away and I stopped crying, so I could hear him. I had given up calling names, ages ago... I had just given up completely... "Do you remember when we went rock climbing, Jo?" his voice was desperate, so I nodded vigorously. Remembering one of the many times we had visited England on holiday, when my mum was alive.

"There's a ledge just above your right knee, swing your body," It sounded like he was crying. I hate it when people cry, So I swung my leg up, my foot on a tiny jutting rock, supporting my body. I tried to hoist my body onto the rocks smooth surface. I wiggled my body lifting my legs up. Clutching the stone tighter. "I can't do it!" I screamed, my legs slipping from beneath me.

"Yes  you can, Jo," My dads voice was firm so I tried again, Just a bit more... My foot was in a small crack in the cliffs wall, but I didn't trust I wouldn't slip, if I reached any higher.

"I can't" I screamed tears choking me. I'd never been this scared.

"Yes, you can," his steady voice was carried by the wind towards me and it's power and encouragement surged through my aching limbs. Taking a leap of faith, I pushed all my energy into pulling myself upwards. I was up.

I cried furiously for ten minutes, huddled against the cliff wall, I would not look down. I waited for my dad to rescue me in hysterics. What seemed like moments and eons later, his arms were around me pulling me to safety. I clung to his back, like a monkey, as he climbed back down the rocks torturous surface. As we landed I looked at him closely "I thought you were scared of heights," I scrutinised. He just laughed. I'd never seen him laugh before. He looked younger.. happier. The thought sung through my body. He picked me up and whirled me round. "I'm never going to let you out of my sight again,You are never going to be lonely again" He repeated, dancing with me, in me and Alex's special place. I didn't care.

And for the first time ever, the sun fully came out of its hiding place. It blinded me with its brilliance and illuminated the ocean, so it didn't look so scary. I was so happy, in that perfect moment. In the realization... maybe my dad did love me? I instantly forgave him, for every thing. Because he was my dad, and he loved me! My moment shattered as I touched the sun charm on my bracelet. I was happy, but was Alex? He hadn't said good bye... did he think I was dead? My lip trembled at the thought. May be he wouldn't come back. he didn't help me... did he want me too die? I was suddenly shocked at the proposal... If he loved me... why did he leave me?

why did he leave me? Why did every body always leave me? I cried into the shoulder of my dads checked shirt.I was Angry at myself. I was so selfish, I was going to ruin my dad's happiness! But I wanted my dad and Alex. Why could I not have both!? I regretted my selfishness, but I carried on crying, relentlessly. My dad didn't question why. He just carried me home, where he tended to my scrapes and bandaged my hands...  What if dad left? then I would have no one, the thought made me want to cry until my river of tears took me away, into the middle of the dark sea.

I needed to be loved, to be wanted. And I had no idea if I would ever see Alex again. "Will you stay?" I murmured to dad. I didn't specify... I just wanted him to stay. "Yes, always and forever," I could not recall the last time he had said that to me, and I poured over the warm, happy memories that sentence entailed, as I fell into a deep, slumber. Finally satisfied.

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