One or the other

Skye comes back from holiday to see her boyfriend Jake when she ends up falling for his twin Alex whats a girl to do but date both until it goes horribly wrong


1. Feelings

Alex's P.O.V


"Jakyyyyy" Skye squealed running up to my dick of a twin and hugging him.

We aren't identical though even if i wish we were. Jake of coarse is the 6 foot tall football player gets amazing grades and has the "dreamy" blue eyes every girl goes for even with the stupid blonde justen bieber hair, I mean i'm not that bad looking I've got the deep blue eyes that any cheerleader would get lost in but not the right one, but hes got every thing and i mean it. The girl. The grades. Our parents even like him better than me. So for a girl like Skye, who's the head cheerleader also an outstanding student, that has the blonde plats flowing over her hour glass figure, who when she gets the giggles makes me melt inside and when she batters her eye lashes tryin' to get the what she wants i think angels faint. Don't get me started on her singing i only heard it once when she stayed over and was in the shower singing 'how will i survive' i think i actually moaned at the thought of her singing it about me because that so how i feel about her but no way am I saying that. She's my brothers i wouldn't take her away even if i hate him.

"Hey Alex no hug for my baby girl" Jake called over after they had finished sucking each others tongues.

"Yeah no hug Alex" she said in almost a teasing voice as she shimmied her her way over to me. God she looked so fantastic in her short shorts and bikini top, we lived next to the beach in L.A so its what i expected her to wear, but wow she looked like a goddess. So when she said 'No hug' i insistently opened my arms allowing her to run in to them. Skye jogged up and on tip toes she raped her arms around my neck and whisperer in my ears "Someone's been working out over the winter break, you look fit". She started to run her fingers through my hair in such a sexual way i think i moaned in her ear because she pulled away blushing. Note to self Skye looks so cute whens shes blushing.


Skye's P.O.V


I looked into his eyes, he was smiling at me, i was smiling back. I wasn't lieing when i said he looked fit, he did. I mean hes muscles rippled over his short sleeved shirt and his torsos was so defined into a six pack i thought he had done it for me, to impress me but i highly doubt it. Any ways i had a boyfriend so i spun on my heels braking his admiring gaze to stare lovingly at my BOYFRIEND.

Jake and i have been together for what two years and i had never even looked at his brother Alex in the way i did today. I had to forget him i was with Jake i couldn't be with them both and its wrong to dump my BF just to get with his twin brother even if i had a warm bubbling feeling in my stomach that made me want to jump on Alex and kiss him. With out even thinking i put my hand through Jake's and walked off to the beach to lay in the sun and forget Alex all together and continue living my spectacular life with my fantastic family. 

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