The Shadow Men

this is a story that is still in working progress, but i hope you like it :)


3. two


The object stayed with bandit for another ten years. She kept the object to her self, never told anyone about it; she wore it around her neck. But no one asked about it apart from her best friend Elijah. Elijah had been Bandit’s best friend since she was seven years old, they have always been together, no one tried to separate them because they knew it wouldn’t work. Their friendship was impossible to destroy. If only Bandit knew what the object meant, she wouldn’t have thought it was pointless, but it fascinated her, the way it shines in the sunlight, the hourglass cut out in the middle of the gold plated circle. Bandit had no idea that the object she turned into a necklace was in fact part of a timekeeper. An object with a power that Bandit didn’t know about. And if she had she might have had second thoughts about picking up the object in the first place. Another thing Bandit didn’t know was the part of the Time Keeper she had was the piece that had been missing for over 100 years. Since the day Bandit had found the object, she has been watched ever since. People were watching her, everywhere she went. But she didn’t know, she could feel eyes on her everywhere she went, but she couldn’t see anyone watching her. Just if she had known that an old fragile woman was watching her. Bandit had passed her on many occasions. The old lady was small, she waddled with a hunched back, her grey hair was slowly becoming less and less, and the dark circles under her eyes were becoming darker and darker. She was becoming one of them.


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