The Shadow Men

this is a story that is still in working progress, but i hope you like it :)


4. three


Each and everyday the timekeeper became heavier and heavier. The gold plated chain had left a horrible scabby ring around Bandit’s neck, but she refused to take it off. She feared that she would lose it, or misplace it. Bandit and become attached to the timekeeper. So attached that it was slowly taking control over her.        She didn’t realize the dark patched under her eyes grew in size each day. She blamed it all on not being able to sleep well. Everyone believed her. Apart from Elijah. He cared about her; he cared about her more than anyone else in his life. He secretly loved her. But he never told her. He didn’t think she would feel the same way. But she did.  

It was a normal week at college for Bandit. She turned up to all her lessons, did all her homework. Everything seemed normal. But she didn’t feel normal. Once again the timekeeper became heavier, the red scabby mark, became worse, it started to bleed. Bandit tried everything to hide it. But Elijah couldn’t help but intervene. He couldn’t stand to see her in pain, or to see the horrible mark around her neck, just like she had been hanging from the gallows.      While in their English class, they both sat there in silence, not talking to each other. This was abnormal for Elijah and Bandit. They always had something to talk about. But not today. Although they both had the same thought running through their minds.  ‘ How’s your neck’ Elijah asked

‘Fine’ Bandit snapped back at him

He knew it wasn’t fine, she was suffering and all he wanted to was to help her. And she just shoved it back in his face. He felt useless. ‘Bandit, please take it off, I hate seeing you like this, please’ Elijah pleaded but Bandit didn’t listen. She just carried on with her work.

Elijah couldn’t help but feel like their friendship was deteriorating due the timekeeper, he hated how it had changed Bandit as a person and she couldn’t even see it. He hoped and prayed that one day she would and ask for him to help her, because he would with out even second-guessing. He loved her. 

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